Ringtones for Cell Phones 101

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A ringtone is a sound file that is used on acellular or mobile phone. This smart idea was developed for cell phoneusers to personalize their phones, make them more entertaining as wellas allow the user to differentiate callers by distinct rings. Overallwith the large expansion of the mobile market, ringtones are just asmall aspect of the large amounts of options available for mobilephones.

These days the hottest ringtones are real music tones,which are actually mp3 song files downloaded to the phone. Most musichits that make the charts are available as ringtones and these are themost popular types of tones, but technology has developed so rapidly,that ring tones can be made from almost any sound imaginable.

One of the biggest reasons for their popularity seems to be the desireof users to personalize their phones as with cell phone wallpaper.While most phones come with several tones pre-programmed, the musicchart tones usually have to be ordered and downloaded separately.

While you can get a variety of tones, including real music, polyphonic,nature sounds, movie and TV themes, all of them have a couple ofdifferent uses. They can be used both as regular rings and as ringbacktones. The regular are those you hear when your phone rings, whileringbacks are those that are heard by the caller. Also, differentsounds can be assigned for different callers. So the cell phone usercan know who is calling by the ring and there is no need to check thecaller ID or reach for the phone.

Types of Ringtones:

Real Music Tones- These are original music pieces that are just like the recorded song.The format is usually MP3, WAV, or WMA. Most of the newer phone modelshave the capability to play these types of ring tones.

Monophonic- Simple tones that are compatible with older cell phones that cannotplay the music tones. It uses a series of sequential tones at differentfrequencies.

Polyphonic - A polyphonic ringtone canconsist of several notes at a time. The first polyphonic tones usedsequenced recording methods such as MIDI. Such recordings specify whatsynthetic instrument should play a note at a given time, and the actualinstrument sound is dependent upon the playback device.

Whilethere are many websites that advertise free ringtones consumers need tobe careful as this is usually a scam where the visitor downloads andthen gets a charge on their cell phone bill as these sites often havehidden costs. These scammers have given ringtones a bad name in recenttimes while in reality there are legitimate companies who provideaffordable plans for downloads of tones, wallpaper and games and whodisclose the exact charges, usually around $10 per month for a certainamount of downloads, and allows the user to cancel at any time. It isalso important the company discloses phone compatibility and that youcheck if your phone can handle the ringtone you want to download.

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