Domain Name Theft

by Enrico Schaefer - Date: 2007-04-11 - Word Count: 316 Share This!

Are you losing visitors to your domain? Are your search engine rankings still yours?

Other people might hijack your search engine rankings and they might steal your web site visitors. The worst thing is that you might not even notice it.

Imagine your domain URL is listed in search engine results on Google, MSN and Yahoo. In the search engine results, most people that click on your domain URL are sent to your website. However, some people that click your domain URL are sent to a totally unrelated website that has nothing to do with your site and although your website domain name URL is displayed in the browser, people see a completely different site that has literally nothing to do with you or your company.

How do these hackers steal your Visitors?

Hackers exploit a flaw in the software some domain name servers use and by sending incorrect information to these particular domain name servers, hackers compromise the domain name server to redirect the traffic for the URLs to another site.

If domain name servers do not use a method to validate that the information has come from valid or authoritative source, it will send visitors to the wrong pages. This means that people who enter your domain name URL in the web browser will be sent to the hacker's pages instead of your pages.

How can you protect you website?

It is extremely important that you use a reliable host that does not use an open DNS server. To check this, go to and enter the domain name URL of your website. You should see PASS in the Open DNS servers line. If your domain name fails the test, you should contact your web host. If you don't want to expose your website to hackers, it is critical that you use a secure DNS server. If your web host cannot fix the issue, you should change to another web host.

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