Maximizing Telephone Headsets: The Ultimate Human -Technology Interface

by Melissa Vokoun - Date: 2007-03-11 - Word Count: 300 Share This!

As companies strive to maximize profits in highly competitive, price-sensitive markets, cost containment and extending the lifecycle of equipment continues to be a major emphasis in the Call Center. With the complex responsibilities Call and Contact Center Managers have handling staff and technology to provide superior service, managing headsets can be a time-consuming and thankless task.

With the breakthroughs and advances in technology, front line employees cannot adequately do their jobs without high-quality, high-performance headsets that offer superior sound quality to both agent and caller. Headsets are the human-technology interface! Not only are they a major contributor to the profitability of the call center, but they are a critical part in the performance of your agents. Year after year new headsets are bought for call centers with newer technology or features, but amazingly many call centers have unofficial "headset museums" and they do not even realize they are storing valuable resources.

Call Centers all have the dreaded "headset closet" that may contain hundreds if not thousands of dollars of product that can be refurbished, repaired, or traded-in for credit against new purchases - if you only had the time and wherewithal to face this unpleasant task. With easy tools this can be done once allowing you to implement time-saving strategies for establishing a "base line" on current headset inventories so never again will you be caught in a panic when you realize you cannot locate 20 headsets for that training class tomorrow morning!

Seek out information on maximizing headset repair budgets, headset hygiene, storage, training, and devising a simple "go/no go" test to determine if it's the headset or the employee that is "not working." Discuss methods of using headsets and accessories as "rewards" for outstanding individual performance.

Headsets are not an afterthought - they are an essential component in delivering quality communications in your center.

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Melissa Vokoun - From 1983 to 2005 she was COO and VP of Sales and Marketing for a national headset distributor. Her passion for headsets, the Call Center market, as well as recruiting, training and managing these staffs continues to be her inspiration. She is now President and Founder of NuVo Partners, an Assessment, Training and Coaching firm specializing in Inside Sales staffs and Customer Service Representatives. To learn more about Nu-ances of Headsets please visit the website at: or call 847-392-6886.

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