Banish Back Pain with Pilates (Part 2)

by Lynda Lippin - Date: 2006-12-23 - Word Count: 267 Share This!

Once you have stabilized the pelvis and lumbar spine while on your back, it is important to begin to strengthen your spine in extension by doing some exercises on your stomach. You may place a small folded towel under your hips & pubic bones if it hurts to press into them. After three weeks or so of doing all six Pilates fundamentals daily you should be ready to advance to more complex activities. Since these only take about 10-15 minutes feel free to use them as a warm up for any other exercises and to refer back to the form you learned doing them.

Arm Circles-- Still on your back with the pelvis neutral, lift arms up to ceiling, overhead, and circle around to the sides and back to your hips. It is important that your ribs stay down; it is not important that your hands touch the floor. Do 4-6 in each direction. This can also be done standing against a wall.

Hip Extension-- Lie on stomach with forehead on hands and do the same breathing as above. On exhale push your pubic & hip bones into the mat and lift one straight leg off the ground keeping the hips still and not moving your back. Alternate legs 6-8 times and then do both at the same time 6-8 times.

Flying-- Then place arms by your sides with palms down. Set up pelvis the same as above but this time lift and lengthen your head & chest while at the same time reaching your hands towards your feet and then lifting your hands/arms. Keep chest open & feet down. Repeat 6-8 times.

Good job!

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