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While many people think of promotional items as marketing gifts and promotional products, they have many other uses. Items printed with a slogan, public service announcement or charity name can make great fundraisers. Printed promotional umbrellas, jackets, caps and other gear are excellent money makers for dance schools, martial arts dojos and other types of instructional businesses.

Why should your organization try to raise money selling chocolate bars and gifts that give you back a minimal return on your investment - and offer you nothing beyond the cash you bring in? Items like promotional umbrellas with your organization's name or your message on them offer a chance to promote your charity or PSA for as long as the items last. Here's some of the most popular business gifts to sell as a fundraiser or ongoing money-making effort to help your organization get the word out about your works.

Promotional umbrellas
Printed umbrellas are great sellers for any organization or event because they're so very useful. Nearly everyone needs an extra umbrella, and will be quite happy to support your organization with a purchase of an item they can always use. Promotional umbrellas come in all shapes, sizes and colors, so it's easy to have one printed up in your school's colors, or incorporate the color scheme of your PSA campaign into it. They also fit into nearly every budget, with styles ranging from fold-up mini-umbrellas that tuck into a purse all the way up to enormous double-size promotional golf umbrellas that offer excellent coverage from the rain.

Printed Pens
When you include printed pens as one of your promotional items, you'll make it possible for just about everyone to contribute to your efforts. Including low cost promotional pens among your sale merchandise makes your sales brochure kid-friendly, so that even those who have no more than pocket allowance can feel like they've done something to make a difference.

Printed T-shirts
Got a message to get out there? There's no better way than to print it on a t-shirt. Printed t-shirts are great sellers at events and rallies, and will be worn long after the day to keep on spreading your message to everyone who sees it. You'll find t-shirts for screen-printing in many colors and styles at companies that provide other types of promotional products to companies and organizations.

Rucksacks and Backpacks
Carry bags are always in demand. A quality rucksack, backpack or conference bag that carries your organization's logo is an excellent promotional item to carry in a fundraising store. If you run a dance school or martial arts studio, your students will really appreciate the opportunity to cart their kit back and forth in a well-made bag that sports the school colors and crest.

Promotional Mugs and Water Bottles
A good mix of high quality and low cost items is essential to a fundraiser. Quality mugs and water bottles printed with your PSA message or organization logo are always excellent sellers for fundraising events. They fit easily into most budgets and offer a great markup for your charity's benefit.

When looking for promotional printed umbrellas and other items to sell for fund raising and organization money-making, you'll find that you do better to work with a company that will put their all into making sure you get the best products. Be sure to let the account manager you speak with know if you're raising money for a non-profit cause in case the company offers discounts or extra services to charities and non-profits.

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