What Aquarium Light To Use For African Cichlids

by Adrian Whittle - Date: 2007-04-30 - Word Count: 405 Share This!

African Cichlids originate from the East African rift valley lakes, notably Lake Tanganyika, Lake Malawi and Lake Victoria. Cichlids are popular with Aquarists because of the large variety of species to choose from. They are noted for having diverse behaviors that can be entertaining to watch. They have more human like behaviors, like tending for their young, than other types of fish that can endear them to the owner and viewers of the aquarium. This variety and diversity often makes it difficult to set up a tank. This article will discuss some of the considerations of setting up a fish tank for African Cichlids and what type of light to use so that the fish can be viewed properly.

Firstly you should try to get the right blend of fish in your tank. Cichlids can be herbivorous or predatory. You should avoid putting herbivorous fish in with predatory fish unless they are considerably bigger than the predatory fish.

You should also try to keep the species from the specific lakes together. So keep Lake Tanganyikan fish in one tank and Lake Malawian fish in another.

Most African Cichlids are territorial and like caves and crevices to create nests or to rest in. This means rocks, stones and driftwood should make up the terrain of your tank. Cichlids will often destroy plant life, either during breeding or, seemingly, for the fun of it, so you should avoid having plants in your Cichlid tanks. Plastic plants are an alternative if you like the look of greenery in the aquarium.

Thus the layout and composition of your tank determines how your lighting should work. Some cichlids are more colorful and look better in bright light. The majority are not that colorful and look better in subdued light. Maybe install a rheostat controlled lighting system that can be adjusted to your needs if you have colorful and less colorful fish.

With no plants you do not need to have the lights on all the time. Only turn the lights on when you want to view the tank. This will reduce the amount of algae build up.

Lighting is essentially a personal choice that is determined by the type of fish that you are keeping and how many rocks and pieces of driftwood you have in your tank. Having a variable lighting system gives you the ability to turn the lights off when not needed which will prevent algae growth and give your fish time rest.

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