College and High School Writing: Difference

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Essay writing can be tricky. A five-paragraph text was enough for high school essay writing. College essays will require more than this. According to most colleges, writing a college essay is an important part of the application process. And you really want to get into that college, don't you?

Your Introduction part can be basic, narrative, or surprising. If you are writing an essay with the basic intro, begin from the point that you want to make. This is a standard way of writing college essays. By writing an essay with the narrative introduction you are showing your storytelling skills.

You can also use a surprising introduction in your essay writing. What does it mean? Start writing a college essay from some shocking, puzzling, surprising information about yourself. Your reader will be longing to find out more about you.

One more way to start writing a college essay is by quoting someone. But be selective. A quotation that is too long or too famous can as well spoil your essay writing. Let's move on to the Body part of your college essay. It has to be personal. There are several ways to build a strong Body paragraph .

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A Narrative Style of Writing College Essays No matter what the topic of your essay is, incorporating a story into the essay in some way is guaranteed to hold your reader's interest. Narrative style of essay writing can cover any length of time and describe any incident.

A narrative style of writing college essays can also be chronological and descriptive. You can use chronology when you are writing an essay about one specific event in your life. By doing so, you are telling a story that proceeds through time. On the other hand, use a descriptive narrative style to describe one object or person in your essay writing.

Writing a college essay starts from brainstorming. Concentrate and write down your positive characteristics. You can ask your parents and friends to help you find these qualities of yours. In your essay writing use details and dialogue to describe events and leave the reader to draw his own conclusions; do not tell the reader what to think.

One thing that is similar in high school essay writing and college essays is the Introduction. It has to captivate your reader's attention. But be aware of generalizations. Since you are writing a college essay, your introduction will only be a sentence or two. See now, why in your essay writing there is no space for empty phrases?

A Standard Style of Writing College Essays Writing an essay in a standard manner is somewhat familiar to you. State an argument and back it up with facts. You are writing a college essay to impress your readers. This is why make an interesting story out of every statement.

Once the main part is ready, start working on a Conclusion. When writing a college essay, make sure your Conclusion part is not too big. One or two sentences will be enough to complete your essay writing. Don't try to summarize it. In writing college essays it is important to emphasize the main idea, and not try to restate it in every part of your essay.

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