Stag and Hen Water Based Events

by Keith McGregor - Date: 2008-09-01 - Word Count: 495 Share This!

Stag/hen party participants will all be experiencing something original, even the experienced yachtsman will be fascinated by the very different but extremely sophisticated systems required to sail a Thames sailing barge.

Anyone considering organising a stag or hen party at sea must first look at the options available. In essence when talking to the charter company you need to establish what will occour during the period of the charter, the charter plan. A sensible plan would include a Friday evening start at an alongside berth, if you had selected a Thames Sailing Barge you might like it moored for the Friday evening at Gun Wharf Quays where the stag/hen and their party could spend the night in the local club Tiger Tiger before returning on board the Thames sailing barge for a night cap, a lengthy discussion before retiring to their berths.

A Saturday morning after breakfast would be enhanced by a trip up the Spinnaker Tower from where the whole of the Solent sailing are can be seen. Upon return to the Thames sailing barge part of the team could be allocated to a 225hp RIB ( rigid inflatable boat). The powerful RIB's 225 hp and above, are all capable of speeds of 50mph, they give great freedom of manoeuvre, you can very rapidly go to any part of the Solent in amazingly short times. Worked with a Thames sailing barge the team can gain a true feel of two very divergent participant sports in one day. One of the advantages of a RIB is the ease with which it can run alongside a Thames sailing barge to load and off load the crew. The two craft could then set out onto the Solent. The 225 hp RIB could then be organised to give all the participants an experience wave jumping and the thrill of high speed - 50mph. This can be interspersed with time spent on board the Thames sailing barge where all could try their hand.

Once anchored for the evening perhaps off Cowes the star of the party could be given the option to walk the plank form the Thames sailing barge, great amusement for all the participants in the event and such good photo shots. Ferried ashore in the 225 hp RIB will add that excitement to the evening pre-supper and equation. The trip back to the Thames sailing barge, in the 225 hp RIB will have all the same appeal.

The Sunday spent relaxing with the 3,500 sq ft of sail set on the Thames sailing barge whilst enjoying high speed trips around the Solent in the 225 hp RIB will make the weekend one to remember for life.

To summarise a hen/stag party on the Solent using a Thames Sailing Barge and a 225 hp RIB will give the participant a very memorable feed back, the power of the Sailing Barge coupled with the speed of the RIB plus the star walking the plank will make the weekend a party one never to be forgotten

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