Broward Body-builders Add Core Strength Through Yoga Massage Combo

by Matt Gaines - Date: 2007-07-06 - Word Count: 484 Share This!

Body-building in Ft. Lauderdale is on the rise; core strength requires more than simply lifting weights. Matt Gaines is helping serious body-builders in Broward country residents through an aggressive program. Each session is approximately two and a half hours and offered in the private homes of recipients. "People who may not be comfortable in a class environment or simply want to remain peaceful and relaxed following a massage find this at home service preferable," noted Gaines. The greater the commitment -- more sessions scheduled -- the deeper the discount per session. A limited number of new clients are accepted each quarter; the deadline for summer sessions is June 30th.

One of Broward's leading private yoga instructors, Matt Gaines, suggests that, "Yoga is the most complete program for anyone who is looking to improve the quality of life both physically and mentally. It helps us to become aware of the imbalances and blockages we have created in our lives due to the way we behave and posture ourselves from our perceptions. Then it helps to bring us into awareness of what we need to do to release the blockages and find a balance both physically and mentally for better health and over all experience of life. It's really all about becoming aware of what we have done to create the experiences we have in life so that we can expand on that awareness by seeing what we need to do to create the best experience possible."

Increasing flexibility, strength, coordination, balance, and improving lubrication of the joints, ligaments and tendons are just a few of the benefits found in yoga exercises. Even when the body begins quite rigid, yoga allows people to experience a remarkable flexibility in parts of the body that have not been consciously work upon. Yoga positions act upon certain parts of the body in an interrelated manner; yoga provides harmony so that cleansing, healing and strengthening the body and the mind simultaneously is attained quite easily.

Massage therapy's core ingredient is touch and is both science and art. Specific techniques for massage and an intuitive sense of touch, determine the right amount of pressure to apply to each person and locate areas of tension and other soft-tissue issues to convey a sense of caring, an important component in the healing process.

Matt Gaines, also a certified massage therapist (license #MA 49836), has wisely combined the benefits of yoga and massage in a comprehensive one-on-one personalized and individualized healing program. According to Gaines, "Combining the benefits of yoga and massage produces exponentially more benefit than simply one or the other. People committed to personal, physical, and spiritual breakthroughs find that with the two approaches, the capacity to heal, get unstuck and to improve the over all quality of life is remarkable. Even long-time spa-goers or yoga class attendees are able to reach new levels of awareness when utilizing both methods in one session."

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