15 Exciting and Crazy Things To Do After You Quit Smoking

by Marina Smiley - Date: 2007-01-23 - Word Count: 363 Share This!

Are you a smoker who spends at least $ 3.50 for a pack every day or $1,277.50 a year? 

That is a lot of money, so let us look at different ways of utilizing your "cigarette" money once you quit smoking.

For the single pack smoker you could:

1. Go to the movies with your friend once a week, every week.

2. Buy pizza 122 times a year.

3. Take a Hawaiian or Alaska Cruise once a year.

4. At $3.00 a gallon, buy 409 gallons of gas which equals filling your car's 13 gallon gas tank over 30 times a year. It is like driving your car for free six months out of the year.  Even if gas prices were to double, you will still be driving for free three months out of the year.

5. Eating at the Red Lobster restaurant once a week or going to a Chinese buffet to eat three times a week.

6. You can buy 1277 Super Lotto tickets and possibly win millions of dollars!

7. Shock your neighbors by renting a luxury limousine for 4 hours once a month all year around.

8. Take private lessons weekly to learn the second language or take dancing lessons

9. Stay in the Regent Beverly Wilshire hotel, the glamorous hotel in the movie "Pretty Woman" at one of the world's most famous intersections Rodeo Drive and Wilshire Boulevard, for three to four days every year.

10. Eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner at Mc Donald over 100 times a year.

11. Get a three year subscription to a gym of your choice to work off all that Mc Donald's. 

12. Buy 25 lady's dresses or 51 men's dress shirts.

13. You could buy 315 pairs of pantyhose or 426 pairs of men's socks every year. (It probably is not a good idea if you live in the Caribbean.)

14. Drink over 300 cups of Starbuck's chocolate mocha lattes.That sure will give you a buzz!

15. Buy 61, 350 tongue depressors to see how pretty your white teeth look.

Ok, your wish list is ready. Just choose what you would like to do and finally quit smoking! 

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