Can You Always Negotiate A Settlement?

by Benjamin Cox - Date: 2006-12-29 - Word Count: 426 Share This!

The past hundred years this country has been debating whether to negotiate or fight a foe. We stood on the sideline after WWI and watched Hitler build up his army and signed treaty after treaty with him until it was too late to do anything small to stop him. Then we and others killed 50 million people trying to put down the Japanese, Germans and Italians. And at the same time allowed the Russians to think they could take over the world.

I realize these things are complex and I'm not trying to say we did anything right or wrong. The generation that killed the 50 million people are proudly called the greatest generation. Is that what it takes, to let things go until they are out of hand then kill millions and you have done everything right or are we trying to justify what we did.

I could go on and on talking about all the things that have gone on the past 100 years including the second Iraq war. There the Democrats and some Republicans say we should negotiate with everyone and that negotiations will solve the problem. It sounds like the pre-WWII policies all over again. I don't understand why people can't learn from the past.

Here's a suggestion and some comments to all those that say negotiations will always work. When a person robs a bank and takes a few hundred dollars we put the person in prison. Why not negotiate with him and give him a new house, a car and other things he or she wants rather than waste ten times more by incarcerating the person and making him or her a worse person. The person hasn't really done that much wrong.

Then there are incidents where a person commits three petty crimes and is put in prison with the three strikes and you are out the Clinton administration pushed through congress. I say treat them like Carter did the North Koreans, give them what they want and turn you head and save the problem for a future generation.

Finally, if negotiating with a rogue government works and offering incentives to get them to not do that anymore works then try it on all the criminals and as I said. Offer them a new house, money and the promise of security if they will quit doing what they have done. Then if they do it anyway, increase the incentives until they have what they want.

If it works on the international scene then why not the individuals that are costing us billions that are in prison.

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