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Planning a Surprise Baby Shower for Your Baby Shower Party

Throwing baby shower surprise for other people can be a wonderful way to celebrate some of the most wonderful news a couple can ever get. That doesn't mean you won't have to plan everything carefully so the guest of honor doesn't get wind of what you're up to. Don't throw your Surprise Baby Showers until you review these ideas.

Type of Baby Showers

One of the first decisions you will need to make is the baby shower type so you will want to consider the Purpose of Baby Showers, and try and plan the fun Games Baby Showers. To organize the big event, you will need to decide the various types of baby showers you want to host. A Surprise Baby Shower is one of the more popular, but only if the circumstances are right. For the second, third or other baby born, Sprinkle Baby Showers are really fun, and if you are having the event after the baby is born, Welcome Home Baby Showers are used. And, for both sexes, you will want to have coed baby showers or couples baby showers.

Choosing Guests & Invitations

The next part of planning your event is to decide who is going to be invited and to start mailing those important Shower Invitations. You want to make sure to include a few key people: the future grandparents, the future uncles and aunts, and anyone else the expecting parents would want at the celebration. However, if multiple are being held be careful not to duplicate the guest lists. With the cards you choose, be sure to pay attention to the wording for baby shower invitations. Obviously, it's a good idea to specify that this is going to be a surprise event. Some invitations will even be made specifically for Surprise Baby Shower Invitations.

Picking a Theme for the Baby Shower

Whether the celebration is going to be surprise or not, doesn't matter much when it comes time to choose a theme for the event. Your main focus will be on choosing a theme that is going to create a fun atmosphere and that the expectant parents will enjoy. You could choose some traditional baby shower themes, such as ducks, lambs, chicks or frogs if you want. Another idea for your Baby Shower Party is to stick with color themes, including blue for boys and pink for girls. A more unique idea might be to plan the theme around an upcoming holiday. For example, a baby due around Easter could have an Easter shower with lots of bunny rabbits and chocolate party favors. You can match your Baby Shower Diaper Cakes centerpiece with your shower invites. The most important thing about themes though is carrying it through all of the baby shower surprise planning.

Shower Games

You definitely don't want to throw one of these parties without some fun baby shower games. Your guests are going to be expecting them. Of course, this can be a challenge for novice hosts. No matter which games you pick make sure they are not super hard. The idea is to have fun not to frustrate them or make their brains explode. Memory games are a great idea. You could record footage of the nursery you are fixing up for the baby, show it to the guests, and have them write down everything they remember seeing in the room. You can use other ways of presenting items to remember but the items should always be baby related.

Trivia contests about baby knowledge or word scrambles using baby-related words can also be fun. Another idea is to gather a bunch of old magazines and ask guests to work in small groups to cut out features from people in the magazines that they can piece together to showcase what the new baby may look like as an adult. The parents have the final choice on a winner. You can even ask for suggestions in the Baby Invitations

No matter what shower games you do play you don't want to forget the prizes. Try to be as creative here as possible. Picture frames are always a good choice but they are a bit boring. Steer clear of dollar stores with their cheap array of items unless you absolutely have no budget left. You could also make some baked goods, such as cookies, for prizes at the baby shower surprise. Plan these activities around whether you are having Co-ed Baby Showers or Couples Baby Showers so the guys will be included.

Once you've chosen invitations that match the theme, you'll need to get those baby invitations in the mail and manage the RSVP responses. If it sounds like a lot of work, just remember the big reward of baby shower planning is the happy face of the mom-to-be during the event. There are usually plenty of unique baby shower invitation wording ideas, verses and sayings to assist you.

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