Discover The Ways To Increase Chances Of Pregnancy

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Conceiving a child for some couples comes almost naturally. But there are other couples who find getting pregnant difficult, some of them needs medical treatment to increase chances of pregnancy. Its not the end of the road for you trying to get pregnant with no success. Researches show that for every 6 couples, one of them go through a hard time getting pregnant. The cause of your problem could be one of those which just requires a small fix. Let us see what options you and your partner have in enhancing your chances of getting pregnant.

Perhaps the first and most important move to do is to quit on your contraceptives. Nothing will work on you if you continue using them. After quitting, restoration of the menstrual cycle will not be that quick. The process of recuperation takes for about one month.

Folic acid supplements is one of the most significant food supplements if you desire to get pregnant. They mainly prevent the occurrence of neural tube defects, and damaged in the brain and spinal cord. Be sure to equip yourself with enough folic acid.

Keep away from the unwanted vices like alcohol, smoking and drugs. They decrease your fertility dramatically moreover, they pose a serious threat to your general health. Alcohol in disproportionate amounts can fetal alcohol syndrome, a very serious defect that may affect the fetus' brain. Smoking which maybe direct or indirect has the effect of depleting your blood's oxygen content, it is strongly recommended that you avoid them.

Today's latest conclusions tell us that caffeine negatively influences the iron that our body is capable of absorbing. As a result you will have trouble getting pregnant. However if you have already a baby in your womb, he will be at risk of stillbirth if you do not minimize your caffeine intake.

Your weight should also be watched out, your BMI must only be between 25-30. Too much fats or being underweight also have their own unfavourable effect to your fertility.

Timing is critical, you must know when your ovulation is going to be. Days ahead of the period are a very essential time for you to have more intercourse. Keeping track of your body temperature every month will be of big use for you. You have to look out when a rise in your temperature by a degree will happen. Once this happens, it means that you are about to ovulate. Elevated frequency of sexual intercourse on those days will surely end up getting you pregnant.

Above all, keep yourself stress and anxiety free. There is a good chance that those who are continuously exposed to stress will have difficulty in getting pregnant, not like those who manage to keep away from stress. Couples seldom find success in getting pregnant in their first try. You can give these tricks on how to increase chances of pregnancy a try, who knows, it might help you.

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