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Necessity can be placed on the lowest level of this continuum. It is the essential thing to upkeep survival, without fulfilling necessities our survival is threatened.
It is so important and primary in nature that lack of it leads to invention. Talking in objective terms, necessity is about two meals a day, water and clothing to protect from extremities of temperature. We cannot live until these necessities are fulfilled. Necessities are usually at the physiological level.
Moving on to comforts, we can say that comforts are at a higher level than necessities in terms of amount and quality of material things. Comforts provide an optimal level of conditions for a living. To be extremely specific we can say that comfort would include food, clothing and shelter along with one's self--esteem intact.
Comforts are essential for a tension free, enjoyable life. Also comforts are important for further growth in life. Obviously, if our basic physiological needs are not satisfied how can we think of further development in life? If we are hungry and do not have the money or resources to buy food for ourselves, we cannot just think of the career we have chosen for ourselves. So an optimal level of comfort is to be reached before we could think of development.
The crux of the matter is that luxury is not important for survival we can live without it. But at the same time question arises as to whether there is a universal agreement on what is necessity, comfort and luxury? This is a big question. What might be a luxury for a taxi driver may be simply a question of comfort for a professor and in fact be a daily necessity for a businessman. So what might be a necessity for one person may be a luxury for someone else. It is not so that only those of lower socio-economic class may view this difference. People from different socio-economic class may differ on the same objects as luxury or comfort or necessity.
So it is more a matter of personal perception and personal attribution rather than actual nature of things and objects.
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