Choosing Tripod Projection Screens

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Tripod projection screens are often referred to as a portable projection screen because it is made to be moved and carried around. They are most often less than 20 pounds. Tripod projection screens consist of a base and screen that are both compact.

When choosing a tripod projection screen a person may want to consider the ease of use. If they travel often and give presentations at a variety of locations they should consider the best sized tripod projection screen. The screen should be large enough for everyone in the room to see easily. This means that smaller screens may not be suitable if a person gives presentations to large audiences, however, if a person gives presentations to small groups then a small screen would work great.

Another consideration is the set up and tear down. Most tripod projection screens are made to be very easy to set up and tear down, however, a person should make sure they can setup and tear down the tripod with ease. They may not always have someone to help, so it is very important that they can do it by themselves.

Some tripod projection screens come with one type of screen and others come with changeable screen types this is another consideration. A person who always give presentations in similar environments will be fine with a single type of screen, but a person who gives presentations at various locations should look fro changeable screens so they can provide their audience with the best experience.

Choosing a tripod projection screen is not too difficult when a person knows their needs. It is easy to choose the size and style of tripod projection screen if a person understands the environment and audience size is a factor. A tripod projections screen helps add to a presentation by allowing a person to give both audio and video information.

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