Why Air Charters Are Flying High

by Jonathan Blocker - Date: 2007-03-10 - Word Count: 418 Share This!

Let's face it - while commercial air carriers are more economical from a standpoint of financial cost, if you are in a field in which time equals money, chances are you won't come out ahead by taking a scheduled commercial flight. Commercial flights operate on their own schedules, and are confined to certain routes that may require that you fly to destinations that are out of the way and actually change planes - increasing the chance that luggage will be misdirected, or even lost.

This is just once you get onboard. If you have had any experience flying commercially in the past five years, you know about the endless lines, the strip-searches, the check-in lines...all of which add up to wasted time that might better have been spent preparing for that all-important presentation or business meeting.

Even once you're on board and in your seat, is it possible to get any sort of meaningful work in a typical airline seat? It's doubtful. Today, you are crammed into a noisy, cramped cabin with anywhere from 100 to 350 other chattering, fidgeting passengers - and even first class or business class is no panacea.

This brings us to the subject of comfort. Commercial airlines typically operate on a narrow profit margin, therefore, it is in their interest to pack as many people on each flight as possible. Small wonder that reports of passenger rudeness and even violent behavior has increased in recent years. It's not only uncomfortable, it's unhealthy. How many of your fellow passengers are ill with bronchitis, the common cold, or worse? In addition, water systems in commercial airliners often contain bacteria, since these systems are not always flushed out regularly. Would you really want a drink with ice cubes made from that water?

With a privately chartered flight, you not only travel in greater comfort, you are in greater control. Many charter companies can have an aircraft ready to take you anywhere in the world with as little as four hours' advance notice - and that means anywhere. Charter flights can take off and land from virtually any runway in the world, whereas commercial airlines are confined to about 500, internationally. Depending on your flight budget, you can charter a small piston-engine plane that can take you up to 1,300 miles in about three hours quite economically, or hire a private jet that can take up to 14 people in comfort to any destination within a 4,300 mile radius in less than eight hours - no lines, no changing planes, no lost luggage - and no headaches.

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Jonathan Blocker is an avid business and travel writer. He has been traveling on commercial airlines and air charters for several years. He has traveled millions of miles around the world using charter flights and jet charter services

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