Touchscreen Camera Phone Showdown - the LG Renoir Vs the Samsung Pixon

by Matt Sharp - Date: 2008-11-10 - Word Count: 421 Share This!

2008. Touchscreen mobile phones. That's how phone history will remember this year, as the year the touchscreen phone really took off (yes, ok, thanks to the iPhone, if you insist). Let's take a look at the two big contenders as we roll on into Christmas: the LG Renoir and the stunning Samsung Pixon.

LG Renoir - modern art

The LG Renoir can be summed in one very easy phrase: it's like the Viewty, but better. You get the same brilliant touchscreen interface, the same sleek looks, and all the gubbins that made its predecessor so nice. But you get a much better camera on the LG Renoir. as in an 8 megapixel camera, making it better than the vast majority of mobile phones in the world. Oh, and since the LG Renoir also inherits the Schneider-Kreuznach lenses from the Viewty, so your pics will get even sharper. Backed up by built-in GPS, HSDPA internet access (up to 7.2Mbps) and a superb little multimedia player, the LG Renoir is one of the nicest mobile phones currently on the market.

However, it does have a rival... and its rival is really very similar: the Samsung Pixon.

Samsung Pixon - touching photos

Here we have another touchscreen mobile phone, the Samsung Pixon, and, to be brutally honest... it's VERY similar to the LG Renoir. The two mobile phones could almost have been separated at birth, and the Samsung Pixon shares many of the best, cool features. So, it has a huge touchscreen, a brilliant 8 megapixel camera, multimedia player, HSDPA, and GPS. Oh, and since this is one of the biggest buying factors nowadays, the Samsung Pixon is ALSO one of the best looking mobile phones on the market. The question is, though, in the battle between these two mobile phone heavyweights (purely in the metaphysical sense), should you get the LG Renoir, OR should you get the Samsung Pixon?

LG Renoir vs Samsung Pixon - which one should YOU buy?

In truth, there's not an awful lot between the LG Renoir and the Samsung Pixon. Both are stunning, but both have bits that could be improved on. The truth is, though, it really is hard to choose between these two mobile phones. The LG Renoir has the incredible lenses, but then the Samsung Pixon has extra software features. Oh, and the Samsung Pixon has an eve so slightly bigger screen. I guess it's really down to personal preference, but if it were me, of the two mobile phones, I'd have to go for the Samsung Pixon...

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