From Dieting To Anorexia - Can Dieting Lead To Eating Disorders?

by Dollie Pagani - Date: 2007-04-16 - Word Count: 594 Share This!

Anorexia nervosa is difficult to combat because victims of this eating disorder are not fully aware of their situation until it is too late. Once the eating habits have been established it is very difficult to change them even with professional treatment.

The problem with anorexia nervosa lies in the fact that it is a mental illness. For some reasons, which are still unknown, anorexic persons have a distorted image of their bodies. They are denying the fact that they are heavily underweight already. They still believe to be overweight and fat.

When this happens then anorexia nervosa has become an illness where eating habits control the life of the victim and not the other way round. However, the anorexic person still may believe to have control over eating habits, often even enjoying the degree of control they believe to have over their bodies and weight.

This false believe has serious consequences. Anorexia has mortality rate between 10 and 20 percent, a number almost nobody is aware of. Often eating disorders are just described as harmless conditions which will go away sooner or later, especially when found in teenagers who follow the wrong advice of web sites full of harmful tips on how to become anorexic.

Can dieting tips really lead to anorexia nervosa? There is much more about it and the problem is more complex than most are willing to admit. It is possible that an obsession can become a mental illness. It is also possible that behaviors, just performed often enough, can change into habits which can not be controlled that easily anymore.

It is like with any behavior. Repeat it over and over again and it will become part of your personality. If you follow bad advice and make bad tips part of your behavior then you are on a dangerous path. This is especially true when it comes to nutrition.

Once bad eating habits have been established, permanent malnutrition is the consequence. Depending on the habits this malnutrition can be extremely harmful to the body but also to the mind.

For example, many tips on how to be anorexic include intentional vomiting. While the simple logic behind it seems to make sense, the long-term effects are often denied. Such a habit can easily become part of the normal life to a degree where eating is no more possible without purging thereafter. This habit not only robs the body essential nutrients which are only absorbed when coming into the bowel, the gastric acid is destroying teeth and mucous membranes.

Other bad anorexic tips explain the abuse of drugs in order to loose weight fast. Especially young people are denying the possible outcomes of drug abuse. Instead of going the healthy way of dieting with balanced nutrition and exercise, they are trying shortcuts and just cheat themselves.

It is easier to swallow a pill than running a mile. It is also easier to vomit fast food than thinking of cooking a healthy meal. It is not the one pill you swallow or the one time you purge. It is the ease of these habits that make you repeating them more often. When do you pass the line? How often is too much?

Be aware of that eating disorder victims are crossing the line without knowing it. They still believe they control everything while they already have lost control long time ago. That is what makes eating disorders dangerous.

A slim and healthy body is a great and worthwhile goal. The shortcut leads to anorexia nervosa while the right tips give you a good looking and healthy body and mind. Is it your choice?

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