How To Find Products To Sell On Ebay

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Do you have any idea how many people just like you are earning their living on eBay? The answer may shock you. According to the most recent survey conducted by ACNielsen, over 725,000 Americans report that they rely on eBay for 100% of their monthly income. And, another 1.5 million confirmed that they sell items on eBay for supplemental income.

In fact, last year alone, over $34 Billion worth of items was sold on eBay, alone. Incredible, right?

Why are people flocking to eBay? A few reasons are:

* Anyone can sell on eBay. There is no formal education required.

* eBay levels the playing field. A man selling electric fly swatters out of his living room can compete equally with a large company.

* Starting your eBay business is quick and easy.

* It doesn't require a large initial investment.

* On eBay, customers come looking for you, rather than you having to attract them to your site.

* eBay currently gets almost 2 BILLION pages views per month.

* Working at home provides freedom and flexible work hours.

eBay makes sense for anyone with a desire for freedom and financial independence. However, there are a couple of humps to get over. And, if you've even thought about starting an eBay business, you probably know what those humps are.
1. What should you sell?

2. Where can you get it?

What should you sell?

Luckily, eBay helps you out with this question. They offer some tools that will tell you what is selling best during each month. Go to eBay and hold your mouse over the SELL button at the top. Click on "Seller Tools." You'll find help there.

Be sure to check out eBay Pulse. Here you'll find the top ten searched categories, the most watched auctions, and other tools to help you see what people are currently looking for.

You can also conduct your own research. Go to eBay and navigate to a category that interests you, or enter a search phrase. Once you get there, in the menu on the left side, check the box next to "Completed Listings." Then click the "Show Items" button. The results you'll get are auctions that have ended. Items with the price in green have sold. A red price means it did not sell. If you see a lot of green, you know the item is selling.

Where To Find Items To Sell?

Now that you know what is selling, you need to find the items. And, you need to be able to obtain them at a price low enough to attract bidders while still making a profit.

I always recommend that you find a few items at home that you no longer need or use. List them on eBay just to get a feel of how the process flows. Basically, this is practice for you, because let's face it, you're not going to be able to quit your job by selling un-wanted items from home.

A lot of people who give advice about eBay will tell you to go to swap meets and flea markets, thrift stores, and garage sales. While this may be good for the person who just needs a few extra dollars each month, it's not really practical. Not only does this require a lot of your time, but also you're putting money out for items that may, or may not, sell.

My advice has always been to use a wholesaler who drop ships. This is much simpler than it sounds. A wholesaler buys directly from the manufacturer and sells the items at wholesale prices, in bulk, to retailers.

However, since the internet and eBay, lots of wholesalers are now willing to sell one item at a time and they'll also ship it anywhere you ask them to. What does this mean for you?

Basically it means, you put up the listing on eBay. It gets bid on. When the auction ends, you get paid. Then, you go to the wholesaler's site, order the item from him at a discounted price, and give him your buyer's shipping address. You never touch the product and you didn't spend any money until after you got paid!

This is how most people can offer new, brand name items at such low prices on eBay. And, if they can do it, YOU can do it.

Kim Skinner
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