Taking Advantage of VoIP Technology

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If you've never heard of VoIP before reading this article, you're in for a treat. VoIP has literally revolutionized the way many of us make and take calls, especially long distance calls. Voice over Internet Protocol, known as VoIP for short, is the simple process of taking analog audio signals and converting them to digital signals. These digital signals can be easily sent over the Internet.What does this mean for you? If you're already paying for your Internet service, you'll be able to take advantage of this technology to make free long distance telephone calls to whomever you wish. You can take advantage of the VoIP software available for your computer to make telephone calls via the Internet. In this way, you're basically dodging the telephone companies and their high fees for making such calls.VoIp has actually been around for quite some time but has only recently been a popular solution with the spread of high speed Internet. It's safe to say this kind of technology will be here for years to come. Major telephone companies can't fight it, instead they join in the fun. Many carriers across the nation are establishing their very own VoIP calling plans that they hope US consumers will pick up. It easy to see why this technology has become so popular. The lure of free long distance calls is something that many people have been waiting for, especially people with family and loved ones abroad.VoIp is used in a couple different of ways and essentially users boil down into one of three categories: IP phones, ATA and lastly computer to computer.The most commonly used method of taking advantage of VoIP is with ATA, also known as Analog Telephone Adaptor. The ATA turns the analog audio of your phone, converts it into digital signals and sends them through the Internet. The reason this system is so common is because it's simple and effective. The ATA simply acts like a middle-man between the phone and the computer. You may have to install some included software before everything works but other than that it's easy for anyone to install.Another way of using VoIP is with computer to computer calls. This is the simplest way to become acquainted with VoIP and the cheapest since it's free. No calling plan needed but you'll need some other basic requirements. First, you'll need the proper software which can been found for free on the Internet with a little searching. Second, you'll need a decent Internet connection which will be able to handle the calls themselves. Third, you'll need all audio equipment necessary to make a call from your computer like a microphone, speakers and a sound card. It doesn't matter how many calls you make, they are always free.The nice thing about VoIP is you can make a call anywhere there is a broadband connection. Using computer to computer, you can even make calls while you're traveling with your laptop. As long as you have the right equipment like a microphone and a fast connection, your laptop can act like your very own mobile phone.You'll also find other neat benefits that VoIP service providers throw in. Some VoIP companies offer their customers the ability to check your voice mail box with your e-mail and yet some others will let you send voice messages as an attachment via e-mail as well.It's easy to see that when it comes to VoIP, there is little cost and all to gain from this kind of technology.Chuck Henderson writes for a number of websites relating to technology, computers and communications. For more information on how to get started by choosing a VoIP provider visithttp://voipprovidersservices.com/. There, you will also find the latest information about VoIP internet phones and VoIP hardware and software.

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