Dog Friendly Hotels 5 Tips for You and Your Dog at Dog Friendly Hotels

by Dee Power - Date: 2008-08-23 - Word Count: 545 Share This!

Whether your plans include a beach resort, downtown hotel, or a mountain lake retreat here are 5 tips to keep you and your dog happy at dog friendly hotels.

1. After checking in, take your dog for a short walk around the grounds, going back to your room several times. Your dog will leave a scent trail and feel more comfortable in the strange surroundings. Go down the hall, up the stairs, out the front entrance of the hotel and down to the pool. Go out to the parking lot and then back to your room. Your dog is curious about its environment just like you are.

2. Whenever you take your dog outside your room carry a small spray bottle of cleaner, a few paper towels and of course plastic bags for cleanup, a bottle of hand disinfectant is a good idea as well. You can pack this in a fanny pack to be less conspicuous. Always take it with you, if you don't, you can be sure that's the one time your puppy pal will go potty. If that happens don't scold your dog, just calmly clean up the mess. Dogs are trained to go outside and they don't know that the hotel landscaping is off limits for example.

3. Never leave your dog in the hotel room alone, even if it's crated, or otherwise restrained. The dog may not be able to destroy anything in the room if it's confined but it can bark and howl. And that's exactly what the dog will do when separated from its family. Dogs are pack animals and don't want to be left in a strange place without its' pack members and that's you. Most dog friendly hotels insist that dogs are not left in the room alone. Don't be tempted to run out even for five minutes. If you need ice put your dog on the leash and take him with you to get the ice.

4. Even if your dog is well trained to walk with you off leash, keep him/her on the leash at all times. Most cities have leash laws. And just as importantly it's common courtesy to the other guests. It's hard to believe but not everyone loves dogs. Small children can be easily frightened by dogs, even if your dog has the sweetest nature, the child doesn't know that. Keep in mind your dog is out of its element and may be frightened. Frightened dogs may have a tendency to defend themselves against strangers, even if they don't at home.

5. Pack an extra leash. It's a good idea to leave a leash and collar in the car's glove compartment too. If it's time for a potty break it's not the time to go frantically looking for Rover's leash. If you misplace the leash or forget it you'll always have a spare.

6. Know where the dog is when you open the hotel room door. If you're in the room but your children or your significant other is outside the room, ask them to open the door slowly and careful and block the opening with their body until they know where the dog is.

There are many great dog friendly hotels. You and your dog can have a great vacation.

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Get your free ebook, Dog Friendly Vacations. Dee Power is the author of several nonfiction books and the novel "Over Time." She is the proud companion of Rose, the Irish Setter, and Kate the English Springer Spaniel. Read Rose and Kate's blog.

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