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It started with a walkman. Then the Discman revolutionized portable music. MP3 players were the next major foray into the music scene, but the latest form of portable music uses a medium many of us already have - the mobile phone.

Services such as Napster, Sony Musicbox and Apple iTunes offer a huge assortment of tunes to be downloaded onto a mobile phone. The mobile phones of yesterday have become multimedia platforms capable of storing over 512 Mbytes worth of songs. Many of these phones are also developing the capability to download music directly from the internet to be stored on the phone.

Music Phones
A music phone is the increasingly common name for these mobile phones designed with music lovers in mind. A high quality music phone such as the Motorola RAZR V3i, Sony Ericsson W580i, or Nokia N91 has a large amount of storage available for music files as a hard drive or separate memory card. The music phones also have the standard play buttons such as Play/Pause, Next and Previous.

Music Lovers
There are two ways to actually listen to music played on a music phone. The first is to listen to the phone's built-in speakers. Many phones have limitations on volume, so most users prefer to use earphones or ear buds. These earphones or buds usually are bundled and come with the mobile phone although most phones also have a jack suitable for upgraded earphones as desired.

The music experience on a mobile phone is already good and getting better every day. With mobile phones now operating as full multimedia solutions, playing music while downloading files, checking email or texting friends seems only natural. The music can even be paused when a call comes in so that you don't miss anything in your song or phone call.

New songs can be downloaded straight to the phone via a computer and newer phones can download directly from music sites using wireless internet. Hundreds of songs can be stored for instant playback at any time.

For music lovers, music phones offer a perfect solution. One small device holds and plays all of your latest tunes, but also connects you to the outside world. You can listen, email, text and take pictures on a single electronic gadget that fits easily into your pocket. What could be better than that?

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