3 Notions About Truck Driving With Half Or No Truth At All

by Armil F. Velos - Date: 2010-10-15 - Word Count: 535 Share This!

Experiencing the life of a trucker while on the road can be fun. Stories and jokes with working buddies can be your favorite pastimes.

There are experiences on the road while on trucks that chronicle stories with humor. If compiled, the stories may become a book. If every truck driver contributes his or her life in all day's work in the truck then perhaps, the entire page section of the Reader's Digest with different stories but with one setting-that is, the road behind the truck wheels-- will be filled and included in several editions of the popular magazine.

The depiction of truckers in popular culture is a mixture of admiration, nobleness, gruff, danger and misnomer. Life on the road for truckers seems a blend of different emotions and definitions with certain plots and climaxes, if a few lives of truckers will be made into plays or movies, perhaps.

However, integrating the trucking industry to popular culture may somehow correct or even elevate the propagation of misconceptions such as the following:

Trucking is a masculine job and will always be a man's job.

The inclusion of lifting of cargoes aside from driving may hold off the aspiration of women doing a job in trucking. However, there are women who are up to the challenges. The rising of women in the trucking industry seems a liberating trend but it only shows that there is equality in all jobs now, particularly in truck driving.

Moreover, the advancement in integrated technology in truck driving promotes improved working condition for truck drivers-men and women. Difficulties may still abound for women but the exponential rate of women seeking for jobs in trucking industry makes it an equal opportunity for both genders despite the notion.

Truckers are always away from their families the whole year round

The seven-day workweek seems untypical and to some who seek for life-career balance, that working situation is irrational. However, it may not be totally the working norm for truck drivers, at least not for all. The exception, perhaps, are those who do truck driving in long distances with interstitial or intercontinental routes. To other truck drivers, there are limitations as to their routes depending on driving qualifications.

Logically, the description for truck drivers is not entirely true. And yes, you don't have to worry making a family while doing this job.

Truck driving is a dangerous job

There are jobs much more dangerous than truck driving. But yes, it is true. Life on the road can be dangerous but there are precautions to be observed to lessen the chances of road accidents. Amidst the notion and its half-true claim, the regulatory agency and concerned parties have made steps to alleviate further mishaps and reduce the rates of accidents where truckers are involved.

Depicting the lives of truckers in literature can be a way to erase some ill notions about truck driving. There may be truth in the above statements deemed misconceptions in truck driving. The important concept, however, is the relevance of the industry in bringing jobs to those who seek for adventure on the road while getting paid doing it.

Being more informed when seeking for a career in the trucking industry is a fundamental step in deriving a decision for job-searching purpose.

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