List Building 101 - Building Profit Centers to Create Income

by Gary Gross - Date: 2007-01-28 - Word Count: 617 Share This!

Profit centers are divisions or parts of a business. By enhancing each division, you can generate a larger income. For instance, if you were a medium to small sized business, offering a service such as advice on financial issues, you could create a web page to give yourself the opportunity to market your services to a wider audience. You could create divisions of this market to increase your bottom line.

Promoting Affiliate Programs

As a part of your profit center you could target affiliate programs. Affiliate programs are ideal for generating an extra income and complementing your own product or service. A couple of things to consider when choosing an affiliate program is to choose programs that are closely related to your target audience. If you are selling financial products on your web site and opt to have an affiliate program that sells dog food, you will not get a good response. If you choose something like an e-book on how to rebuild your life after identity theft, you may get some interest.

The idea is to generate extra income from your target audience. With this in mind, you wouldn't want to advertise someone else's site that is selling the same financial solutions. Make your information appealing and interesting to your visitor, as you want them to come back to your site. Update your information regularly so returning visitors have something new to look at.

Promoting Your Own Products

There is so much more flexibility in promoting your own products. It should be the most important feature of your profit center. This is the one area that you have full control over. With a product that is your own, you can offer visitors and subscribers something 'extra' since the profit that you generate from your own sales is yours.

There are many ways that you can promote a product. One proven technique is using a professional sales page with testimonies and reports. People who have used your products or services and think they are of value, are only too happy to promote them for you in a testimony for your sales page. This works well for them too since they can promote their business or site as well. This is also the best way to build your brand or credibility.

Make sure that your web site is built to promote and be easy to navigate. This is important because visitors don't like to work too hard when they come to visit. If it takes them an hour to find out how to request more information about your services or product, it is likely they wont bother and abandon the search. Once you have lost them, they are gone for good.

Selling Advertising

The idea of selling advertising is to receive additional revenues. By advertising complementary products from elsewhere, you create more useful content for your site. If you are planning to sell advertising, your site must be continuously maintained and marketed. These are time-consuming activities, calling for specific skills.

To get the better companies, you will need to make sure your site is professional looking, has credibility and high traffic volume. Just like you, advertisers have their image to protect. Agreements with companies that won't bring a sufficient number of new customers aren't worth their time.

An important thing to keep in mind when offering this service for extra revenue is to ensure that the site is still yours, i.e. it does not disappear under a blizzard of other people's banners and adverts. Provide a mixture of unique content, useful links, online games or entertainment, free software and/or services. Remember you're not going to keep visitors coming to your site for the advertising alone. You must be able to provide unique and interesting content to keep visitors returning.

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