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by Peter Cederholm - Date: 2007-02-28 - Word Count: 348 Share This!

A good friend of mine lives in Dubai. He explained that, even today, no arab school -not even in Jordan or Egypt- teaches that Israel is a country. They all refuse to even reckognize it.

Isn't it strange that Sweden/EU allows Mosques but not even Saudi Arabia allows ANY Christian churches?

Isn't it strange that people said Japan could never be a democracy, haven't learned the lesson; now instead say that Iraq can never be a democracy?

Isn't it strange that people failed to learn the lessons from Hitler and thus fail to see the real threat that Iran repeats - even in public - that Israel should be wiped from the face of the earth?

Imagine that there IS peace in ca 10-20 years. Will there be a need/demand for Hamas, Hezbollah or the current regimes of Syria and Iran (HHSI) then? NO! The ENTIRE base of existance for HHSI is hatred of USA/Israel.

No, it isn't about religion - if it had been then HHSI would thank USA/NATO for overriding UN's endless discussions by taking action and stopping the genocide on muslims in Bosnia! (And NO, there was no oil - thus the USA isn't in it for the oil but for moral reasons!)

With peace, HHSI have no reason to exist. That's why HHSI prevent peace from happening - sending enemy combattants, 'suicide'-mass-civilian-murder-bombers and weapons to Afghanistan & Iraq, and that's why HHSI stopped Arafat from signing the Oslo-treaty. HHSI are fighting for their survival and will do whatever they can to preserve the status-quo. If they fail - if there is peace - HHSI will automatically fade away and die!

40 years of trying to get peace in the Middle east with peaceful negotiations failed with not signing the Oslo-treaty. It doesn't work! So anyone who WANTS a new result (= peace) must agree that a NEW approach is needed - the only one they understand: one of beating HHSI at their own game - violence! Go W Bush! History will prove you right unless the US Dems fuck it up.

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written by: Peter Cederholm City politician, Stockholm

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