Top Five Uk Broadband Providers For 2006

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Top Five UK Broadband Providers for 3rd Quarter 2006

Figures have just been released for the 3rd quarter of 2006 from the Internet Performance Indicator (IPI). Reports showing that BT has come top for the second quarter in a row according to

The study published from Internet Performance Indicator (IPI) showed that the top 5 UK broadband providers for the last quarter are: BT, PIPEX, Demon, Plusnet and

This was taken for overall technical performance, which included the following: Real-time data on the speed, reliability of Internet connections, how long it takes to
connect to the Internet, file upload and download speeds and performance of both ping and DNS lookup.

Testing was taken from eleven locations around the UK from 1st July to 30th September 2006. The sample ISP's were tested on an average of 58,313 times, and once again BT took the overall ranking for topping the broadband charts in that period.

Overall Ranking
Q2 2006
1. BT
2. Virgin
4. AOL
5. Orange

Q3 2006
1. BT
4. PlusNet
5. Virgin

After the study, it was found that the national upgrades to Broadband/ADSL Max are providing a much faster total speed than the earlier 2Mpbs IPStream and Datastream
Broadband/ADSL Internet services.

In the period 1st July to 30th September the average connection speed was 3817.82 kbps. The highest connection speed was achieved Plusnet in the 3rd Q3.

The national upgrades to Broadband/ADSL Max are providing a much faster connection speed, but what the customers are after is a faster Internet service and a more reliable resilient connection. Customers need to know and should be aware of, is buy an "up to 8Meg" connection doesn't really mean it gives you 8Meg all the time. This is down to the further you live from the telephone exchange to slower the
speed becomes.

There's no point having a fast connection if it is not available when you want to use it.

After the figures had been revealed in the 3rd quarter there was some surprising results.

Tesco had the lowest number of connection failures.

Plusnet achieved the highest overall connection speed.

BT performed best in the uploading and downloading speeds which the customer experienced.

BT also topped the HTTP download speed, (which means, the faster the HTTP speed the better the browsing becomes).

Plusnet also managed the fastest ping test.

Demon had the lowest packet loss.

So what does all this mean? If your not happy with your Internet service provider then change it, after all the price for Broadband/ADSL connections are becoming cheaper
and faster, as the performance and demand for competition increases.

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