Sometimes You Have to Abandon the Experts, Theories and Books and Trust Your Intuition

by Lance Winslow - Date: 2007-03-09 - Word Count: 260 Share This!

As the coordinator for the online think tank often we get into debates with experts and Ph.D.'s about specific details and they tell us that certain things will not work or that they are impossible or that they have never been done before. I submit to you after sitting through many of these talks, speeches, debates and discussions that sometimes you have to abandon the experts, their theories and their books and go with your own intuition.

Many people accuse me of being a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants entrepreneur and yes in my past life that's what I did for a living, but now I analyze things deeply and yet still often I use my intuition to choose between lesser of two evils, compromises or ultimate solutions. Many people decry this methodology or the philosophy behind it, but it often works.

This is why so many capitalist entrepreneurs have created billions of dollars in the marketplace by trusting their intuition and making decisions rather than being stuck in a box like a committee re-examining information endlessly. At some point a decision must be made and a plan must be created and it must be executed otherwise nothing will ever get done and therefore it doesn't matter how much education you have or how many research reports you have written.

Just do It! I certainly hope this article is of interest and that is has propelled thought. The goal is simple; to help you in your quest to be the best in 2007. I thank you for reading my many articles on diverse subjects, which interest you.

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