Why Using a Downline Builder is a Great Idea

by Michael Murphy - Date: 2008-08-15 - Word Count: 482 Share This!


Using downline builders are an excellent way to great a large downline quickly. Many experienced online marketers have used them to good effect. They can build a huge list in a very short period of time but you must use caution when choosing a downline builder.

The concept behind a downline builder is to develop a solid and stable downline email list before you introduce them to any income opportunities. This reduces marketing costs and develops a relationship bond between you and your list. The idea is that when you bring in a income producing program that your list members will follow you into your downline more or less seamlessly.

There are more and more "downline builders" showing up on the Internet everyday. There is also an increase of MLM (multi-level marketing) programs coming online. This is natural since the web is one of the world's best marketplaces. Downline builders are great for beginners who may need some help developing a downline.

Downline builders work primarily like this: you sign up with a program and then add your weblink. If promoted properly, someone else will sign up under you thus creating the start of a downline. That person will post a link and then others will sign up under them, post links, gather more signups, etc. You will quickly develop a strong downline for all levels.

A good downline builder will have a way to record all the emails listed in your downline and give you access for backups or transfers. Despite all the improvements, computers can experience technology failures as a moment's notice and your downline can vanish in a single poof without backups.

A good downline builder tool can provide you with the chance to get referrals from your downline with little effort from you. You can easily earn several hundred dollars a month using this method if you have a large referral base and are an active member.

But in order to develop your downline faster and give your downline builder a boost, you should try out these 3 free traffic boosters:

Write Articles - write articles that solve problems or answer pressing questions and submit to large article directories. Use the resource box to highlight the link to your downline builder site.

Forum Posts - Search out discussion boards or forums that cater to your target market. Sign up and write helpful posts for members. Use your signature line to direct people to your downline link,

Post Comments - You don't have to have a blog, to use Web 2.0 marketing. Search out blogs that cover the niche market you would like to help. Find 3 or 5 blogs and try to write useful comments on them as least once a week or so. Use the linkback function to tease the blog's readers to your sign up link.

Now you know how a downline builder works, you can start exploring to find one that matches your needs and your budget.

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