Outdoor Security Cameras Are Invaluable

by Percy Troughton - Date: 2007-02-26 - Word Count: 430 Share This!

Video security surveillance is always a difficult thing to set up. Outdoor security cameras are the hardest. You have to deal with all of the security camera surveillance issues - where to place the cameras, how to record them, how best to monitor all the footage, how to store it - and then you have to deal with many other issues as well. With outdoor security surveillance, you see, there is no easy way to determine how much space you should monitor. Should outdoor security camera coverage be limited to just key security areas? Should you try to monitor parking lots? Should you keep outdoor security cameras in places that no one is supposed to be in, or only in the heavily trafficked areas? It is these questions that make our jobs so tough as security professionals.

Of course, as the video surveillance cameras get better, there are more questions that arise. Should you use infrared security cameras? What about night vision? Is it better just to take the visible spectrum and make sure that your premises are well lighted, or does it make more sense to monitor people in the dark as well? There are no fast and easy answers to these difficult questions. No matter how many years you have worked as an expert on security, they will continue to tax you. Then again, it is questions like these that make the job fun!

In my opinion, the best approach to outdoor security cameras is to make up a modular system that is easy to vary. You should have some key outdoor security cameras that never change, and then a bunch of ones that do. That way, you can change things to see what works most effectively. If you have the luxury, you can even stage trial break-ins to see how apparent they are to the security crew. There is no better ways to test your outdoor security camera system than through creating a fake security situation.

As for what type of outdoor security cameras to use, I have always believed that infrared cameras were a little bit overrated. Do not get me wrong - they definitely have their place. Nonetheless, your role as a security professional is not to lure and capture criminals, it is to frighten them away. Hidden cameras can be useful, but you would do better to keep the area well lit so that anyone trying to break in knows that they are exposed. At least some of your outdoor security cameras should be very obvious to anyone casing the area. That way, they will know that you mean business.

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