Erection Problems - Increase Nitric Oxide For Harder Stronger Erections Now!

by Monica Hendrix - Date: 2008-07-24 - Word Count: 434 Share This!

If you have erection problems then you need more nitric oxide it's a natural chemical which is not just the key to harder stronger erections but getting an erection to start with. Boost this natural chemical within your body and you will see better erections and a natural increase in Libido.

So what exactly is nitric oxide?

This chemical is produced in the blood vessels that control blood flow to the penis and when the messages of sexual arousal come from the brain a chain reaction is set off which sees the chemical secreted in the walls of the blood vessels.

Nitric oxide then makes them relax and expand and an increased flow of blood then starts to fill up the penis, swelling it and the end result is an erection.

Many men do not produce enough of it and it also declines with age, so as you get older getting extra amounts is vital.

So how do you get more nitric oxide?

Perhaps the best natural supplement is L'arginine

L'arginine is simply a defined as a non essential amino acid. Known as natures Viagra it is produced by the body and declines with age.

Declines in levels are responsible for a number of the problems we face when we age and in terms of sexual health it produces nitric oxide.

Just like prescription drugs, it is used to enhance and increase nitric oxide levels and taking it, can have a dramtic affect on increasing libido.

The Evidence it Works

The recommended supplementation is about 2,800 mgs per day and in controlled testing, it has been shown to improve libido.

On a group of men taking this dose for just 14 days, over 80% of the test group reported better erections, more desire and more satisfaction from sex.

There are herbs which also help with nitric oxide production. The two Chinese herbs of Cnidium and Horny Goat Weed, will increase levels naturally as well.

These two herbs will also increase testosterone, decrease stress and increase energy and also improve blood circulation which all can help cure erection problems.

There are other supplements and herbs - but the 3 above are a great combination to use and many of the best herbal sex pills will have these and other herbs, in sufficient strength, to enhance and rejuvenate libido.

These natural herbs are performing the same function as prescription drugs - but doing it naturally and they will do something prescription drugs can never do and that's increase desire.

Full satisfaction from sex only comes with desire combined with an erection and these supplements are proven to do it.

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