Sleigh Bed Exotic Piece Of Furniture Can Be A Good Replacement Of Your Old Furniture.

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A sleigh bed has long been regarded as a rather exotic piece of furniture and in some places, it is rather unheard of to have one in the bedroom. Perhaps it’s the cost and the perceived luxury value attached to it or maybe a person who is not familiar with interior design and furnishing will imagine that this piece of furniture belongs solely in the North Pole. Although this is a rather amusing thought, the fact is that a sleigh bed DOES look like Father Christmas’ most preferred vehicle. If you ran your fingers along its ornately carved structure, you will eventually reach the pinnacle of a sleigh bed’s design -- its curvy top upon the headboard that is turned either inwards or outwards.

Although the sleigh bed bears historical evidence that it was inspired by the noble French people, it was in America that it became wildly popular in the early 19th century. Interestingly one can also see remnants of the ancient Roman designs on sleigh beds even in the modern world. Traditionally, sleigh beds were carved from deep mahogany wood but today, more contemporary versions are available in the US and other European countries where sleigh beds are no longer considered an opulent form of furniture due to highly competitive prices offered by manufacturers. This meant that more people can afford to enjoy the charm and novelty that come with a sleigh bed!

In the olden days, sleigh beds that bear equally high headboards and footboards are commonplace but now, modern versions have emerged with a slew of diversified designs. If you don’t want an old fashioned sleigh bed to adorn your bedroom, you can choose to purchase one with a lower footboard minus the elaborate curl on the headboard. Perusing a furniture store or catalog, one can find sleigh beds fashioned from cherry wood, light rattan, solid iron and even plush leather. Fully upholstered sleigh beds are also a desired addition to a bedroom but they may cost a little more than your average model.

If you are thinking of replacing your old bed with a sleigh bed, or even thinking of sprucing up a new home with one, find out your room’s measurement before putting down money to purchase a sleigh bed. A sleigh bed can be very bulky depending on the design and while a large room can easily accommodate a Queen or even a King-sized bed, you might have to choose a slightly more compact model minus the intricate outward curls for a smaller room. Remember, unlike conventional beds, a sleigh bed’s headboard will go lean completely flat against the wall so do think about this issue before you rush out to the furniture store with your credit card!

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