Why A Coat Rack Makes A Great Gift

by Megan Cherry - Date: 2007-04-12 - Word Count: 477 Share This!

Do you know someone who is always dropping his or her clothes on the floor instead of taking the time and trouble to hang them up (or do you have a teenager who does so)?

Have you worn something once that's not dirty enough to throw in the laundry but not clean enough to tuck back into drawers or closets with clean clothes?

Do you know someone who lacks the closet space to hang family coats or other clothing up, even though he or she could really use some?

Do you know someone who lacks the funds or space to put extra closets in his or her existing house?

And what about Christmas gifts? Are you on a tight budget?

Are you unsure what to get the "guy who has everything"?

Well, the great solution for all of these things is a coat rack. Coat hooks are inexpensive, lightweight, space-saving solutions for all of these problems and more. And unlike closets or even heavy wardrobes, you can move them wherever you need them without breaking a sweat. Or, use a wall coat rack (or hang one off the back of a door) when floor space is at a minimum.

In addition, coat racks come in just about every color or design under the sun and are available in metal or wood, so you can get one to fit any decor, from modern to classic. They even come in special designs for children, such as the Spiderman coat rack. What a great way to get your little guy to hang up his clothes at night before he goes to bed. Simply do an online search with whatever keywords fit your description, such as "Spiderman coat rack," and see what you come up with. Do you know somebody who just never seems to have enough storage space? A coat rack with attached shelving is a great way to give that person an extra "closet" without the mess or expense installing one takes, and unlike closets, doesn't require extra room; simply and easily accessible wall will do. Do you know someone who just never seems to be able to get themselves ready on time in the morning? Then maybe a coat rack with built-in mirror, complete with bench so he or she can sit down and put on shoes, is a nice option. They can use it to simply hang out their clothes the night before, so there's no rummaging around in the closet in the morning, and cut down on the time it takes to get ready. The built-in mirror provides a way for them to do a final check on hair, makeup, and lipstick, for example, without having to dash to the bathroom.

Given the versatility of the coat rack, you'll be surprised how many relatives and friends just might need one, and given that, you'll be amazed at how quickly your Christmas shopping gets done!

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