Is Coffee the Fruit of the Devil?

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The original history of drinking coffee is difficult to verify.  Legend has it that a sheepherder was the first to realize the effects of coffee while tending his sheep.

His sheep started to become very active after eating a mysterious berry from a plant.  The sheephearder tried the berry himself and had the same results.

There is a rumor that a religious monk told the sheephearder not to eat the berry as it was fruit from the devil.   However, there is also a rumor that monks did eat the berry to help them stay awake and pray.

Another legend is that long ago, there was an Arabian man who was banished to the desert.  He boiled and ate an unknown plant.

He could survive in the harsh desert just by eating the plant.  Residents of a town near the desert believed that the mans survival was a message from the gods.

The plant was then named Mocha, after that town.  It is said that the coffee plant was originally found only in Ethiopia.

Ethiopian warriors used it as food while they went on raids.  Coffee migrated to Arabia, and the Arabians began to market coffee in the middle east.

The first to actually drink coffee as we know it today were the Turks.  They added spices such as clove and cinnamon to create a sweeter taste.

Soon after, coffee houses started to pop up all over Europe as the beverage gained popularity.

Today, people all over the world enjoy drinking coffee throughout the day.  There are many brands and flavors of coffee for everyone to enjoy, so try some?

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