How To Get Search Engine Traffic From Kenya in Africa

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Traffic from Kenya and Kenyans via search engines like Google basically means unlimited traffic and unlimited profits if you are in business. It also means free traffic. At the end of this article we will point you exactly where to get such traffic in plenty. However it is important to first understand how search engines work.

Little wonder that companies and businesses all over the world fight so hard for a good positioning in search engines for important keywords. What are important keywords? Well, they vary from business to business. If for instance you are a beach hotel based in Kenya's coastal town of Mombasa, the keyword phrase "Mombasa beach hotel" is relevant. This means that people who key in this phrase at some search engine, are searching exactly for that-namely a Mombasa beach hotel. More often that not they will be looking to spend money at a Mombasa beach hotel immediately. However it is still not an important keyword phrase unless it is also a popular one. If for instance 10 people worldwide search for that phrase every month, then common sense tells you that you will not get much traffic from it. Even if all 10 end up at your site, that will be one visitor every 3 days-nothing to write home about. However if thousands of people search for it and you happen to appear in the top 10 whenever somebody use that keyword phrase at a search engine, then it means you are bound to get plenty of traffic and plenty of sales.

So the big question is how does one manage to ensure that their business appears in the top of important keyword phrase searches that will bring them targeted prospects or prospective customers and clients?

There are a number of things that search engines look for in placing a company or business high in the search engine results. Naturally the first is the particular phrase or keyword phrase being searched for. This must be placed at the site in question. The best way of doing this is to have plenty of valuable, relevant content at your site that talks about "Mombasa beach hotel." That particular phrase should be repeated as many times as possible within the content or text at your site.

Alternatively that phrase can be located elsewhere but when you click on it, it leads to your site. Actually this second way is much more effective than the first with search engines because of the following reason. A number of clever people have been carefully studying what search engines need to place a business or organization at the top of their searches with the intention of "cheating" the search engines. One of the tricks they used was to repeat a keyword phrase all over a site again and again without offering any useful information. Search engine software engineers found a way of dealing with that by placing much more importance in the keyword phrase appearing at another site, but pointing to your site. Usually when another site links to yours, they will tend to use a certain keyword phrase that says something about what you do. This is called the text link. In placing your company or business high in search results, search engines will count how many text links pointing to your site contain the relevant keyword phrase somewhere. They view this as "votes" by others for your site.

This means that finding a way to have as many text links pointing to your site as possible is one of the ways you can ensure good positioning with search engines and thus unlimited free, relevant traffic to your site.

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