HP Clones Procter and Gamble's Offshore Outsourcing Accounting Ops in India

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If you work at the center of Hewlett-Packard handling Business Process Outsourcing for P&G, you spend your day as close to approximation of Procter & Gambles' HQ’s as exists in South Asia region, or most likely anywhere outside the Ohio. It exists due to Hewlett-Packard, based in Palo Alto, Calif., took to heart the notion with bonding of the customer at least in part by emulating the customers location by physically.

So behind the wall, scenes looks like the inner working of the Procter & Gamble’s finance and accounting Offshore Outsourcing deal with HP, which was signed in year 2004, is the result of investigation of an e-WEEK India's technology hubs in Mumbai and Bangalore. P&G denied making comments on work that is being done at Hewlett-Packard’s Business Process Outsourcing centers in India or elsewhere.

As the business unit is moving to Offshore Outsourcing with critical enterprise processes likes of accounts payable, finance & accounting, HR, procurement, and customer service, issues of corporate culture and brands may come into considerations, along with some of the necessities of quality service and best practices. Each group manages BPO in a different team of nations and tries to outrage the other groups for the best record of quality with quantity of processed accounts payable transactions.

It is critical that two well established U.S. organizations had to go nearly half-way around the globe to become close to each other. There are lots of similarities between cultures, operations manager for Hewlett-Packard Business Process Outsourcing. HP seeks to bring its "Rules of the Garage with the table, while Procter & Gamble asserts its own "Principles and Values”, both sets the guidelines of stress integrity, trust and competitiveness.

For both parties fostering the feeling of oneness is critical of this important deal. Procter & Gamble needs its accounts payable done by a manner which, represents the interests and practices as nearly as possible, so it can transparent to the suppliers. And with the global Business Process Outsourcing market explosion, it behooves Hewlett-Packard to get it right with P&G and other current clients to replicate the best of practices with other customers.

And with the international BPO market explosion, it behooves Hewlett-Packard to make it right with Procter & Gamble and with some current clients as well for replicating the best practices with other customers. The transparent integration may be very critical for the growth of Business Process Outsourcing. The study by McKinsey & Co., of New York was commissioned by an Indian software and services providers association, NASSCOM, which found the current global Offshore Outsourcing market to be 11.5 billion dollar.

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