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Smart Meters report ( ) explores neighborhood-area and home-area communications technologies and standards, defines "basic" versus "advanced" meter capabilities, and provides detailed market forecasts by technology and world region. Key vendors, standards, and deployments are profiled, offering a comprehensive window into the dynamic market for smart metering.

Electricity metering is undergoing its greatest transformation since the first meter was installed more than 120 years ago. Smart Metering, integrating advanced communications with energy measurement, is on the front lines of Smart Grid deployments, promising major energy savings by changing how and when customers use electricity. Major utilities worldwide, enticed by savings and prodded by governments, are embarking on wholesale replacement of over 45% of the North American and European installed base by 2015, breaking the traditional 15-20 year meter replacement cycle. This represents an unprecedented - and time limited - opportunity for meter and communications suppliers as a projected $19.5 billion of smart meters are deployed worldwide between 2010 and 2015.

While smart metering energy, climate, and operating benefits may be common around the world, the communications technologies, standards, and regulatory environments are not. Multiple proprietary and semi-standard solutions exist for a "network of networks" linking smart meters and consumers' in-home devices into a cohesive energy infrastructure, but vendors, utilities, governments, industry associations, and standards bodies are all exerting different influences in each region. This report forecasts that the worldwide smart meter market will experience an aggressive 19% CAGR through 2015, but underneath regional waves of growth, peaks and valleys will likely have disproportionate impacts on industry players.

Key questions addressed:

* What are Smart Meters, the different types, and how and when will they be deployed? * What are the key Smart Meter communications technologies, and how will they evolve? * How will Smart Meter deployment technologies and timing differ around the world? * How, when, and which Home Area Network technologies be deployed in Smart Meters? * What are the key policy, technology, and economic risks impacting the Smart Meter market evolution? Who needs this report?

* Advanced Metering Infrastructure hardware and software vendors * Utilities considering Smart Meter adoption * Traditional networking and telecommunications vendors * In-home energy management and automation vendors * Meter and communications components suppliers * Clean technology and communications investors * Government and energy policy makers * Standards development organizations

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