If God Exists There Must be No Evil

by Andrew - Date: 2007-09-12 - Word Count: 300 Share This!

The question of whether or not an almighty and omniscient god exists in spite of the existence of senseless suffering is a very disputable one. In this article I will argue that such a god does in actual fact exist by arguing against the article of William Rowe devoted to the problem of evil. God exists and is an almighty, omniscient and omni well-disposed being. God created our world, and he has motives for everything that happens in it including suffering.

William Rowe in his article does not claim that there is no god, but rather that an almighty and all loving god does not exist for the senseless suffering has place in our world. His argument against the existence of god, who is almighty and loving, is expounded in three premises:

1. There exist examples of great suffering which an all-powered and all knowing being could have precluded without in such a way losing some greater good or allowing some evil that is equally bad or worse.
2. An all knowing, entirely good being would preclude from the happening of any untold suffering it could, unless it could do it without in such a way losing some greater good or allowing some evil which is equally bad or worse.
3. There is no all-powered, all knowing, wholly being.

We should agree with Rowe's second premise for it is correct. It is true that if an all knowing and almighty god existed he would preclude from senseless suffering. However, his first premise is incorrect, that is why the conclusion that there is no such god is false. The first premise is erroneous because there is no senseless suffering. Though it is true that suffering does not happen in mass quantities in our world or on a daily basis, there is no pointless suffering.

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