Konica Minolta Di3510 / Di3510f - Office Copy Machine With Auto Finishing

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Offering print speeds and paper handling abilities superior to any desktop multifunctional device, but coming with a price tag much lower than a full sized copy machine, the Konica Minolta Di3510 / Di3510f document system is the idea solution for small offices seeking out a medium volume printer.

This digital printer / copier / scanner uses a CCD line sensor for high quality scans and electrostatic dry powdered image transfer, as opposed to thermal transfer, for printing, which makes for extra fast print speeds that top out at a maximum of 35 pages per minute for letter sized paper (portrait) and 28 pages per minute (landscape). Legal sized paper can output at 23 pages per minute and, as the Konica Minolta Di3510 / Di3510f is fully compatible with oversized, ledger sized paper, 11 x 17 sheets can print at a remarkable speed of 20 pages per minute.

The oversized document glass measures 11 x 17 inches and is perfect not just for scanning and copying ledger sized paper, but also for three dimensional objects such as books and magazines. It is capable of scanning at a conservative resolution of 600 x 600 dots per inch, which would not be ideal for imagery, though exposure is still manually selectable to photo mode. Other exposure settings include automatic, text, text / photo, and manual, for maximum user control. Halftone reproduction runs at 256 gradations.

The Konica Minolta Di3510 / Di3510f comes standard with 32 MBs of memory which can hold up to 170 pages worth of data, but 32, 64, and 128 MB upgrades are available. Also optional is a 40 GB hard disk that can permanently store up to 2,000 pages of important data, as well as other things. The unit has a very fast warm up time, considering its size, and takes only 17 seconds to enter standby mode, while first page out time for both printing and copying is 4.8 seconds or less.

Copy quantity gets a boost up from the previous Konica Minolta Di2510 / Di2510f model, as the Di3510 offers a maximum of 999 copies at once, whereas the older Konica's topped out at only 99. With a copy amount settable so high, the interrupt feature can be key in preventing hundreds of sheets of wasted paper.

Paper handling abilities come with a standard paper supply made up of two 550 sheet universal paper drawers and a 150 sheet intelligent bypass tray. Additional paper options come in three forms: an additional 550 sheet tray plus a storage drawer, two additional 550 sheet trays, or a huge 2,750 sheet tandem drawer that is limited to letter sized paper only, and brings the Konica Minolta Di3510 / Di3510f's maximum potential paper storage capacity to a clean 4,000 sheets.

Not only is automatic duplexing standard, but a reversing automatic document feeder as well, making it easy to convert double sided input to similar output, and cementing the Konica Minolta Di3510 / Di3510f's stance as one of the best small office printers out there.

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