How Do I Get My Ex Back - the Right and Wrong Ways to Get My Ex Back

by Allan Lim - Date: 2008-05-24 - Word Count: 351 Share This!

How do I get my ex back without rejections? Are there any surefire ways to do so?

First, I have to clarify that there is no such thing as surefire ways to get your ex back. Here is why I say that:

I personally believe that no matter how bad the situation is, most relationship can be saved. Yet, there are also situation whereby it is best to let go of the relationship. In this situation, it would preferable that you did not get your ex back as the relationship may not work out well.

But in this article, we shall not focus on whether you should get your ex back. I believe you have already made your decision. That is why you are reading this article to find out the ways to get your ex back.

Ii general, there are only two ways to get your ex back. The right ways and the wrong ways.

(Note: I will use "he" for simplicity but the tips below apply to both men and women.)

The wrong ways are basically pushing. You are trying to push him towards you but you end up pushing him further away from you. For example, you keep on calling him, you keep on persuading him that you love him etc.

These are the wrong ways and they won't work. Remember, people want what they do not have. The more you push yourself towards them, the more they do not want you.

You should use the right ways instead. Improve on yourself, be it appearance, health, communication skills or other area of your life. By improving yourself and living life to the fullest, you increase your confidence level and this will make it easier to get your ex back.

Perhaps this is not the answer you are looking for. But discredit it yet. There are people who do get their ex back once they start focusing on developing themselves. The reason why this works is because your ex will be so surprised of the change in you and began attracted to you again. But of course, by this time, you may already have found a better relationship.

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How do I get my ex back?

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