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There are downsides to operating system updates that many computer users eagerly look forward to. Even when the necessary changes are made, a few bugs may still be encountered. The problem is that software manufacturers are sometimes slow to make the necessary changes to maintain compatibility.

Dealing with the Issues

Vista users have bemoaned the lack of drivers for peripherals such as scanners. Most vendors have addressed this issue, although compatibility concerns still appear from time to time. A release from Microsoft in 2007 directly addressed such concerns and underscored its commitment to improving reliability, especially as it relates to hardware. Vista users with older hardware may still encounter difficulties from time to time.

For some users, the fix was simply to go back to using Windows XP. For those without this option, however, the first step was to get an assurance of compatibility before upgrading. Microsoft also offers solutions to common problems on its website and there are many forums online that can help. For the most part, the solution to compatibility issues came from the vendors of the affected software.

Windows Vista

Five years after Windows XP hit the market, Microsoft released its Vista Operating System. As expected, many types of software developed before Vista's release encountered compatibility issues. It was reported that user satisfaction with the Vista OS was lower than with previous Microsoft offerings.

With file transfer products, remote desktop and any communications based option, security is always a major concern. While Microsoft sought to improve security with Vista, compatibility limitations exposed flaws.

For some users, some components of their software worked after installing Vista while others didn't. These issues were not limited to just one particular software, but were spread across a range of software. These included remote support software, movie and photo editing software, graphics design software and email programs.

The new update is also expected to make it easier for software developers to make their products work with Windows 7. The release Platform Update for Windows Vista in late 2009 Microsoft hopes to put an end to most issues encountered by users. This is good news for those who are big on web meeting.

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