Without A Chef You Have Nothing, With A Chef You Have Everything.

by Tim Capper - Date: 2008-08-20 - Word Count: 269 Share This!

Free range Chickens, School dinners, Foie Gras, Steroids, Sustainable and Ethical are just some of the Words banded about by Celeb Chefs and the concerned "foodies" out there.My thoughts these days lay elsewhere, with the Chef in the Kitchen. Whilst the whole world has gone Celeb Chef crazy and food has become really big business, we have forgotten the chefs in the kitchen. Ten years ago in my days on the frontline we would get compliments and critique sent through to the kitchen from every table, bottles and glasses of our favourite refreshments were passed to us via appreciative guests and the handshake over the pass made our jobs worthwhile.Last Week at Hotelympia all the catering suppliers were out in full force, and the Chefs? tucked in the furthest corner! Now this does not make sense to me. Without the Chef everything in the exhibition would be useless, worthless.The chef should be on the pedestal and revered. The Hotelier, restaurateur and cafe owner would not have a business without the Chef in the Kitchen.It is time that the balance is addressed.

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