Aig Gets $85 Billion Fed Bailout -- Where's Your Fair Share?

by Matthew Lesko - Date: 2008-11-14 - Word Count: 301 Share This!

With the Federal Government extending a $300 billion "helping hand" to financial giants Bear Stearns, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and now AIG, one can't help but wonder why everyday taxpayers can't get a piece of the pie.

They can - they just don't know it, according to the irrepressible Matthew Lesko.
Lesko has dedicated his entire career to researching government programs to help the average taxpayer, and he's following today's news closely, with his nose to the wind for opportunities.

"This just underscores what a lot of us already know: if there's enough money to pull the stock market out of a dive, there's enough to fund smaller entrepreneurs," says Lesko. "We've already paid for the money with our tax dollars, but the government doesn't advertise them so most people are in the dark - they don't even know these programs exist."

Compared to the total amount of money budgeted into most individual government money programs, the AIG bailout was a pretty big loan. But within the context of the big picture, it's small potatoes, according to Lesko, who has written over 100 books identifying and explaining Uncle Sam's money programs and pointing people in the right direction.
"$300 billion seems like a staggering amount, but the truly astonishing figure is that there's a $3,120 billion pool of moneymade available for average citizens through federal, state and local governments," he explains. "It's a maze of programs and services, set-asides and grants, but the money's there."

Matthew Lesko has compiled his expertise into an interactive, online resource -- Lesko's massive goldmine of government resources and free advice doubles as a hub linking entrepreneurs and free-money-enthusiasts alike. Matthew's 30 years of researching and his video talents are all going into the web service. "It's the future and the best way to train people to take advantage of government programs," he says.

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