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Find a new means for reeling in customers with the Australia-based Tattooads, a company that prints your business name and logo onto a temporary tattoo.

Rather than paying the copious amounts of money or the large recurring fees of advertising your establishment on a billboard or in the newspaper, Tattooads lets your customers serve as your ad campaign, your low-fee endorsements. Let them spread your business' image around to everyone they encounter, serving not only as a public acknowledgment of your business, but as a walking testament to their satisfaction as a customer.

It is a fresh approach to endorsement: funny, new, creative and potentially - if you can form a logo of just the right match-up of colors and themes - stylish.

Tattooads temporary tattoos are applied to the applicant's skin with nothing more than water, and have been approved for safety by the Australian Standard - Toxicology Requirements for Children's Toys (AS 1647.3). The tattoos last up to five days, and may be removed upon request with as much ease as that with which they were applied: upon being soaked in water, the tattoo may be rubbed of with a wash cloth.

Tattooads stick on tattoos may be printed in quantities exceeding 10,00, and may be printed in sizes ranging from 38 x 38 mm to 76 x 102 mm.

The minimum ordering quantity is 500 units.

Any graphic artwork, including photographs, can be made into a temporary tattoo. The tattoos will be printed in a four-color process, featuring the addition of white as a possible fifth color.

Special designs may be printed onto your business' temporary tattoos to help target your business to children or another particular demographic. Tattooads is a reasonably priced and exceedingly efficient means for earning wide-ranging public attention for your business, but it can also print tattoos to promote charities, cultural events, fund-raisers or anything else you may be hoping to advertise.

Be very aware, however, of the demographic to which you intend to market your business' product or services before investing in temporary tattoo advertisements, and perhaps go so far as to ask some of your customers in advance if they would indeed be willing to wear a promotional tattoo for your business. The notion of applying art work to one's skin will likely detract as many as it will endear, so be sure of whether you will be able to put these items to use., the company's official website provides a good deal of information as to how your business' tattoos will be printed, the limitations you will confront, and clarifies the extent to which you may style - and elaborate upon the design of - your batch of temporary tattoos. Pricing is dependent on the intricacy of the design and the number you would like to order.

The utility of temporary tattoos may be argued on the grounds that they dissolve after only a few days, and then the likeliness of whether your tattoo, once applied to the customer, will be displayed to very many people. What it provides over a newspaper ad or a billboard or a TV spot, however, is a sense of not only community but of intimacy between the business and its customer. The fact that your customer is wearing your logo on his or her body is indeed a testament to your efficiency as a business.

TattooAds are an Australia-wide designer and supplier of fun and creative Stick on tattoos . A fresh and innovative approach to branding and advertising; Stick on tattoos are perfect for children, corporate events, charity fundraisers and more.

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