The Best Internet Marketing Strategy - If You Want to Make Sales!

by David Ogden - Date: 2008-06-13 - Word Count: 578 Share This!

Do you have an internet business? Then you need to have an internet marketing strategy that will work for you. This is vital to the success of your home based business and to you making money. Find out more one of the best strategies that should use for your home based business.

There are various internet marketing strategies you can utilize when it comes to building your Internet business. In this article we want to look at the best Internet marketing strategy that most profitable businesses use to secure long time success.

The strategy that we are referring to is to build your own list for future follow-up. There are many benefits that come from having a list of people that you can e-mail. We have all seen the claims of making huge money online, but how is that possible? The simple answer is with multiple mailing list and multiple subscribers.

Let's say over time you develop a list with 5000 people that have signed up and are looking for Internet business opportunities. You could then develop your own product, or decide to market someone else's product to your list. If you make $20 per sale, and 5% of your visitors convert, your profit would be $5,000 on just one product. Now imagine that you could do that month after month with this built in customer base.

One of the keys to making this strategy work is that you personally encourage people to trade their contact information for something of value. You might offer them a free product, the valuable report, or even a subscription to a newsletter that you publish.

The way you do this as you put a sign-up form on your website where people can register to receive your free giveaway. When they provide their contact information, they are doing what is known as opting in to your list.

This is the best way to approach this as opposed to buying leads from a company who is also selling them to multiple other sources. Although it is a little slower to generate the lead yourself, in the long run, you end up with a more qualified list that will stay with you for the long term.

What makes this a great strategy is that you now have a list of people that you can follow up with and sell to in the future. On the flipside, you often see people drive traffic to a website and not capture names. I seriously wonder about this strategy, because it is not going to generate sales. Most people will not purchase anything on their first visit. Experts agree that people will only buy a product after an average of four to seven exposures to the product. You can only do this through effectively using your list.

Therefore the only real way for you to build long-term success with your marketing business is to have a list of people that you can follow up with over and over until they are ready to make a purchase.

If you understand that everybody comes to your website, and then leaves, if you are not capturing their name and e-mail address, you have no way to get back with them unless they return to your site. Therefore you are wasting the majority of the traffic that you have spent your hard earned time and money developing.

This is why this is the best Internet marketing strategy for most businesses to utilize when it comes to handling visitors to their website.

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