The Trouble with Herpes

by David Snape - Date: 2007-01-21 - Word Count: 572 Share This!

I listened with a heavy feeling as my friend described to me what it is like to live with herpes, a sexually transmitted virus that can wreak havoc on anyone's life. Once she contracted herpes, she felt terribly awful. There are a number of physical and mental consequences to living with the virus. Sacrifices and adjustments have to be made.

As a responsible person, caring about the welfare of others, she always discloses her condition to any potential romantic interest that enters into her life. Four out of five men will reject her upon learning that she has herpes.

In fact, only a minority of people won't contract herpes after several years in a relationship with someone that has the disease. A few people seem to have some natural immunity to it.

Herpes is a virus that 'hides' inside the cells of the body in a dormant state. From time to time there will be an 'outbreak' where the herpes will travel to the area of infection. There may or may not be visible lesions on the surface of the body at that time.

It is entirely possible to contract herpes from a person who does not have any visible outbreak. Using latex does not always prevent transmission.

Sadly, I remember the younger sister of a high school girlfriend. She was only seventeen years old when she contracted herpes from her very first sexual partner. I can only imagine what it would be like to be a seventeen-year-old woman and know that I had to cope with herpes for the long term.

This is a troubling social disease. A large amount of people on Earth today carry herpes in their bodies. If all people were to remain abstinent until marriage it could practically wipe out the problems of herpes and other social diseases within a generation or two. This is not to debate morality. Yet, those who endorse abstinence have a sound point from a biological perspective.

Medically it is basically accepted that herpes is a life long condition and that a person can never fully get rid of it. The pain and duration of outbreaks can be mitigated through medicine.

In the alternative health realm, natural healers vary greatly in their viewpoints. Most believe as the medical establishment does, that it is currently impossible to rid the body of the herpes virus.

Their focus is usually on preventing outbreaks through the use of proper diet. They often talk about what foods can trigger or avoid an outbreak. Some will discuss this in terms of how the blood PH has an effect on the virus and that certain foods can create a slightly alkaline PH which they believe may help to prevent outbreaks.

Then there is at least one alternative healer and probably more that believe it is possible to eliminate the herpes virus via elevated oxygen levels in the body. Medical science has not confirmed this and it is unknown to me if any experiments have been conducted to verify or refute the possibility. I have no interest in arguing for or against this potentially tantalizing theory.

If you have or think you might have herpes or any other health condition, contact your doctor immediately for proper diagnosis and treatment. This article is intended to be entertaining in value and is not meant to provide any advice about herpes or any other illness whatsoever. When facing any health problems, visiting a doctor is the most prudent course of action you can take.

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