How Multi-millionaire Business Owners Make Their Business Work - so They Don't Have to

by Casey Gollan - Date: 2007-03-06 - Word Count: 1127 Share This!

Picture this...

The typical business owner starts a business. Usually it's just them by themselves or maybe one or two other people.

They do a great job. As the number of staff is small everyone is working together and they are getting things done.

They become successful and it's time to employ some more people.

A couple more people are employed - but some cracks start to appear.

As the business employs some more staff - the cracks become wider and wider.

Soon the business owner notices that there's not much money being made by the business.

There's staff problems.

There may be some customers complaining. Some customers may even be lost.

Things just aren't working anymore.

The business ‘plateaus' and the owner becomes stressed, tired and overwhelmed.

The business owner starts to ask whether it's all worth it.

Should they downsize and just go back to the way things were... Or do they grow.

They want to grow the business - they know that's there's heaps of potential in the business - yet they keep hitting ‘a brick wall'.

They are trying to make it to the next level, but they keep getting sucked back in to the business to ‘put out fires'... and it's wearing the owner down.

Sound familiar?

I see this all the time. It's at this point that my clients seek me out.

I specialise in helping business owners through this point in their business growth.

And it's easy; I do this day in day out.

Let me describe how the previous situation happens.

In the initial growth of the business, when a business only has a few people - everyone has an idea of what everyone else is doing - so they can work effectively together.

Yet when you get to about 3 to 7 people or more, things need to change.

Because around that number of people, some of the people can ‘bludge', they can hide. So they do.

After all - at this size, the business owner is usually still ‘doing' things in the business at this stage, so they have their hands full.

And they want to grow so they know they need staff to help them. But because most business owners don't have much training in how to hire, train and motivate staff - they tend to ‘put up' with staff that JUST do enough to stay employed.

But what happens is that the business owner ends up ‘finishing things off' that their people have started or can't do.

The business owner tends to ‘save' the day.

They know it, and so does their staff!

So their staff let the owners come in to save the day - and they do it often. After all, most people have a lazy streak in them. So why not wait for someone else to do it, "after all it's their business" - the employee thinks.

It's at this point that the business can often start to wander off track, the business owner can become stressed, overwhelmed and questions whether it's all worth it.

It is worth it, and if you're at this point in your business - don't give up - because with a little guidance from me, it's easy for you to fix.

And the rewards can almost immediately start flooding in.

If you're at this point you've done most of the hard work in business. You're turning over good money, you have customers, you have a place in the market, and you have employees.

Now it's a process of getting IT all to work for you.

Rather than YOU having to do all the work - to make it work.

Because when you get your business working - you won't have to work.

The reason why most business owners work so many hours - is because their business doesn't work.

All successful business owners have stepped through this phase in business growth.

It's a phase where your staff have to step up and do what you are employing them to do - without you having to ‘look-over-their-shoulder' to make sure it's getting done.

There are 3 Crucial things that you must have in place for you to make it through this phase successfully.

On my 1-on-1 business coaching program I take you though these 3 crucial things so that you have them specifically and especially designed and implemented for your business.

That way it's unique for you and your situation.

When you have these 3 crucial things in place here are the benefits you'll enjoy...

When you have first Crucial element in place - you'll find that your staff will individually take ownership and responsibility for their roles and responsibilities in your business. They will willingly want to work at their optimal in your business, and make it happen.

It's at that time that they'll do what's required of them - willingly.

When you have the 2nd crucial element in place you'll find that Your staff will regularly review, plan and improve areas in your business to help the business grow.

Everyone in the business will willingly work together and will be aware of what is going on in the business. Everyone will work efficiently and effectively so that their individual roles work harmoniously with each other thus creating the power of synergy in your business.

They'll also have the initiative to find out what they have to do and when they have to do things by.

And finally, when the 3rd crucial element is in place you'll benefit because your staff will naturally start to follow you. And they'll willingly want to perform at higher levels.

They'll be aware that for everyone to benefit from the business, everyone must work together like a team. And they'll all know that there'll be consequences for anyone that lets the others down. So they'll work extra hard to make sure no-one lets the team down.

This sounds like a dream to most business owners. And sadly - for some - it is.

Despite being readily able to achieve this in their business - for some odd reason they think it could never happen. So they never try to find out how to do it.

And it's disappointing. Because it can happen.

I've been doing it with business owners just like you and with businesses just like yours - for years now. Successfully. Go to my testimonial pages and listen to the long interviews - you'll hear success after success.

Wouldn't any passionate, determined business owner want to at least try to achieve this level of success?

Happily some business owners do. And with great success.

In essence, the secret is to get everything else working ‘together' in your business - that way you (the business owner) don't have to work.

And these 3 crucial areas will allow you to make it happen.

How fast could you do it? Well that depends on you, your business structure and your situation.

But rest assured you can do it.

All the best business owners use these 3 crucial areas. Learn what they are - put them into place and you can reap the rewards.

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