Evidence Based Business Coaching

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The history of coaching in business can be traced back to the 1950-60s, when psychologists documented case studies for reference. Though coaching is a combination of counseling, leadership, psychology, adult learning etc, it is not a form of psychotherapy. The main objective of coaching is getting an economic benefit by implementing behavioral growth and change in the person or organization receiving it.

Coaching Models

Only valid, competent, and behaviorally identified models are mentioned or used by leading companies and academics. Other coaching courses may use derivatives of Neuro linguistic programming (NLP) like the GROW model, or other well-intentioned approaches. However, the basis of these approaches, and the ways to verify them, cannot be ascertained.

Two central coaching models, namely process model and the core behavioral model, are said to be the base of the programs devised by coaches.

Firstly, the Process Model or Behavioral Coaching Process Model is different from traditional approaches, which are simplistic and theoretical in nature. It solely uses proven definitive modeling, which is validated, and is robustly psychological. Being a 7-step model that describes the tasks to be undertaken clearly, this model is industry proven.

Secondly, the Core Model or the Core Behavioral Aspects Model identifies core behavioral aspects like beliefs, thinking, values, etc, which help in predicting behavioral changes. It only uses evidence based behavioral change tools and techniques to provide behavioral feedback, and an action plan.

Evidence Based Coaching

Evidence based business coaching is considered a scientific approach because of the methodical industry and clinical research conducted to support and prove certain findings. This method is a way of differentiating the simplistic approach, which is unproven, from the scientific approach. It replaces the old and outdated practices with new methods. Being more accurate and powerful, it invalidates old methods.

Since this is a scientific approach, the coaches need to have a firm grasp of the relevant psychological based tools and techniques that have the potential to accurately determine certain things like personal fears, values etc. Even though scientific knowledge is required, the coach need not have a degree in psychiatry to be efficient at his job. An open mind and a well-trained scientific approach would suffice to impart knowledge to the employees.

Many times executive coaches know little about human behavioral change and business coaching. However, this is not a necessity, as the main discerning criterion to qualify a coach is his or her ability to think in terms of business.

The coaches have to be competent and confident enough to use the different psychological based tools and behavioral techniques. To get authentic and measurable results, it is necessary that a qualified trainer imparts personal training, mentoring, and supervises performance from time to time.

The coaching practitioners of recent times are familiar with the demanding market environments. They also realize that helping developing skills, and psychological based methods of change, are essential for success. To facilitate the development and learning of the coach, professionally qualified educators supervise the strategies and skills. This serves as a learning experience, and the feedback provided can be constructively used to improve the techniques for optimal performance of not only the coach, but also of those being coached.

Besides business related interactions, coaches need to form a certain level of empathy with their coachees, as they are normally called. It helps in devising strategies in keeping with the nature of the coaches and improves performance. With changing times business organizations go through numerous highs and lows with the vicissitudes of the market. For organizational and individual well-being, the people involved in business need to keep abreast of modern techniques of success.

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