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As trends nowadays span the globe, in many countries modern women are expected to get rid of the bodily hair. In response, fortunes are spent every year by women to get rid of their body hair. Under the label of "unwanted" comes the hair on arms and legs, underarms, upper lip, side burns, back, chest and belly. In other words, the whole body. Beauty is often associated with a body that has no hair, and therefore many women want to get rid of their body hair.

The trusted old favorite, the razor, has been and still is in wide use. Razors work fairly well, they are easy portable, cost effective, and works very well in getting rid of hair. They are generally used by women to get rid of unwanted hair on the legs and arms.

Shaving with a razor has some side effects. A day after the shave, the skin is not smooth any more, with the new hair that's already growing. Hence, in order to maintain the skin silky and feminine, it is imperative to shave everyday, which can be pretty problematic at times. Women demanded new and improved ways of getting rid of hair.

The other methods that can be used to eliminate the requirement for daily shaving are, waxing, threading, tweezing, and so on. These methods last longer than shaving, and hence are better if the woman is traveling or lives in places where she is incapable of maintaining a daily routine of for hair removal.If daily shaving is not feasible, these other methods keep the hair off for longer periods of time. Waxing can keep hair away from periods ranging from two up to four weeks.

Permanent hair removal still remains the most desired and convenient solution. Instead of consuming time and effort every day, wouldn't it be wonderful to do it once and never have to worry about hair again? The best methods of permanent facial hair removal are done with the help of laser. Before laser became well known for permanent facial hair removal, electrolysis was the only permanent facial hair removal solution. However, with the development of technology the laser had gradually substituted this method with great success.

Laser is normally used today only for permanent facial hair removal. Another comparatively new method, the laser diode method is used to remove permanently the hair from larger areas, such as legs and arms, back, etc.

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