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The only way that a man could enter a woman's heart is gifting her jewelry. Women are addicted to jewelry. This has been from the very beginning, even wives of the great Pharaohs of Egypt loved to wear jewelry. Majority of women believe that, no jewelry makes a woman incomplete.

Reversible Jewelry:
This kind of jewelry is handmade with Japanese ‘chiyogami' or washi papers. Many of the designs are based on Kimono textiles. This kind of Jewelry women prefer for parties or casual outings.

Gemstone Jewelry:
Mostly semi-precious stone necklaces are very popular because women of all ages wear them. Young teenage boys also do wear them as a fashion statement.
Women usually go for the gemstone jewelry according to their birthday or for popular gemstones like:
- Aquamarine
- Blue Topaz
- Emerald
- Opal
- Garnet

Eclipse Jewelry:
Just imagine, instantly changing the color, shape or texture, even character of a stunning silver design. Eclipse, the new silver jewelry is strikingly beautiful and dramatically different brand that moves and changes to match a woman's every mood. It is a kind of a custom jewelry created by world renowned jewelry designers.

Casual Jewelry:
Jewelry is not only worn in parties and weddings, women also love wearing jewelry when there are in outdoors, social meetings. And the Jewelry women would love to wear on casual days would be gemstone jewelry, handmade custom stone jewelry and less expensive diamond and pearl jewelry. A category of casual jewelry is discussed below

Casual necklace jewelry is mostly handmade custom designed from semi-precious stones, gemstones according to the birthday of the wearer, beaded necklaces or stone and beads mixed. They come in various colors which catches the eye of women of all ages. Some of the examples of custom casual necklaces are:

Soapstone, Bone, and Wooden Necklace on Leather
Casual and Fun Glass Necklace with Your Choice of Charm
Tiger Eye Nugget Focal with Turquoise Accents Necklace
Pearl Nugget Parture Necklace

In the rings section, casual promise rings are worn by committed couples.
Engagement rings made of diamond and steel carry huge orders. As for fashion and casual wear by uncommitted boys and girls, gemstone rings are widely used.
Engagement rings made of diamonds and brilliant engraves have different ranges of price depending on the design and weight.

Many women wear light and cheap bracelets as a casual wear or an accessory. The casual bracelets are mostly handmade beaded that give a really attractive look. Bracelets have different kind and colors of beads like blue and gold beads multicolor beads crystal beads and so on depends on choice.

Gold, pearl and steel earrings are worn in all occasions and mostly by young, but they real taste in designer earrings and Gemstones like ruby or jasper earrings which are quite popular. Earrings are ideal for a female near and dear ones.

Wedding or Bridal Jewelry:
No bride is complete without wearing a beautiful set of jewelry to cherish her dream wedding. In the east brides usually wear gold jewelry like, bangles and necklaces. But in the western side solo gold is worn very rarely but gold with diamond; pearl and rhinestone jewelry is more preferred by brides.

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