Your Weapons In The Fight Against Wrinkles

by James Schramko - Date: 2008-04-14 - Word Count: 415 Share This!

It is unlikely that there will ever be a cure for wrinkles. They are the most obvious sign of aging, and while there is a lot we can do to minimize wrinkles and camouflage blotchy skin, there is no permanent escape.

Why some people have more wrinkles than others is a question that is often raised, and there is no one answer. Genetics does play a large part, lifestyle and diet - even in childhood - are all factors, and a good skincare regime is important as well.

There is not a lot you can do about genetics, but if you look after diet, lifestyle and skincare, you can help arrest the progression of lines and wrinkles.

Anti aging experts are passionate about the importance of diet for all over health, but especially for skin health. While much health care focuses on our internal organs, especially heart, lungs, kidneys and liver, the biggest organ in the body is in fact the skin.

By increasing the amount of green leafy vegetables you eat, you are infusing your body with antioxidants that fight free radicals that destroy your skin's cells. Free radicals are most at home with poor diets that are rich in fat and sugars. Freshly prepared sandwiches with low fat meats or fish, with a load of salad, make a filling and healthy lunch choice. Add fresh fruit juice or water instead of a soda, and you have probably saved money as well!

When you stop to think about what you are buying to eat and actually look at healthier alternatives, you are well on the way to healthier skin. Your whole body will thank you for then taking the next step of actually buying and eating the healthier foods!

Increasing your level of fitness will also help your skin cells fight wrinkles, because you are increasing the blood flow to your skin, stimulating the production of fresh cells. Exercise also increases the production of collagen, which helps to add vibrancy to the skin, and 'plumps' it up.

If you lead a stressful or busy lifestyle, learning how to properly relax will also help your anti-wrinkle campaign. Taking quality 'time out' helps reduce the stress hormone, cortisol.

For many people the most effective way of reducing the appearance of wrinkles rests with their skincare products. By investing in an anti-wrinkle cream that is backed by science you should be able to see through the advertising hype of some of the leaders in cosmetics. Beware of the high advertising budgets - the products should speak for themselves.

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